How to Make Your Beauty Routine Eco-Friendly

Taking extra care of our health is increasingly becoming more important than ever because we are becoming more aware of the harsh ingredients used in our skincare products. As much as it’s crucial to think about what we eat, it’s also vital to care a bit more about what products we put on our skin! Here’s why.

How to Make Your Beauty Routine Eco-Friendly

Chemicals are easily absorbed into our skin while also having a significant impact on the environment. It seems more natural to replace your skincare products altogether, but it’s better to transition slowly to give yourself time to learn all about the ingredients. It’s also more sustainable to use up all the products you have before buying new products. Read on to see seven easy steps to take to make your beauty routine eco-friendly.

Read the Labels

Labels have all the information and ingredient names that are being used for the product. Please, spend some time getting familiar with the names, so you understand the ingredients you should avoid.

Keep in mind that some ingredients that you should avoid are fragrances, including phthalates in fragrances, parabens, and formaldehyde in nail polish. These ingredients are very toxic to our skin and body, creating an array of health problems.

Reduce Products

We are all guilty of consumerism, continually buying things we don’t need. Try to be more conscious of your shopping, and purchase only products you know you need and will use up.

Go through all of your products, like makeup, skincare, etc., and see what you are regularly using and what is sitting unused or unopened. This is also a perfect moment to check out the expiration date because using products that are expired can be dangerous.

Reduce your collection to only products you will use regularly.

Multipurpose Products

Products that have more than one use are a perfect way to streamline your beauty routine and the number of products you have to buy. These can include foundations that also act as a concealer and a base, lipsticks that can be used as blush, a blush that can double as eye shadow, etc.

You can also find a shower gel that can be a bubble bath product. Many products have multipurpose use and are natural and good for your skin.

Environment-friendly Alternatives

Besides multipurpose products, a significant way to help your beauty routine and environment is to use environmentally friendly products and packaging. A straightforward solution is to replace single-use products with reusable options. This can include replacing makeup-removing wipes with reusable towels. They don’t contain any chemicals, and they can be washed and used again for a long time.

Try to find products in recyclable packaging, or packaging that can be reused to reduce your carbon footprint.

Making DIY beauty products at home is also a great way to be eco-friendly.

Use Less Water

A conscious effort to go more “green” is to use less water. This includes taking a shower instead of a bath, turning the water off while you brush your teeth and wash your face, etc.

You can also invest in showerheads that reduce the flow of water. As for your makeup and skincare, search for brands that are sustainable with water-free products.

These small steps can significantly reduce water usage and save the planet from water shortages.

Natural Products

An essential part of any skincare or beauty product is that it is made with natural, organic ingredients.

Our skin is extremely absorbent, and it remembers everything we used on it, which means that it’s vulnerable to harsh chemicals used in skincare and makeup.

Plant-based ingredients and cruelty-free products are becoming a staple in the beauty industry. It’s not that difficult to find a cruelty-free and organic skincare replacement for your favorite product as it was before.

Another way to help your skin be healthy and vibrant is to try out DIY beauty products.

Recycle and Upcycle

Product packaging is usually made of plastic, which can take hundreds of years to decompose. Make an effort to dispose of used and unused products properly.

Glass bottles and packaging can be reused for DIY skincare or other uses in your household. Many containers are made of materials that can’t be thrown in the regular garbage or recycled as standard materials.

Try to find ways to recycle them properly, as not to disrupt the environment. Many companies and shops collect used products to dispose of and recycle them properly. This can even get you points that you can use to buy new products cheaper. If you have products that you didn’t use or only tried, you can probably donate them, as long as they are not products for personal hygiene.

Sustainability and going eco-friendly is a conscious effort, and it may take a while before you completely change your beauty routine to a greener one. Nevertheless, we should all make an effort to reduce buying and consuming more products that we need, and always buy eco-friendly and healthy products and alternatives. It’s a slow process, but one worth going after for a healthier life and beauty routine.

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