Let’s Meet From Our Wholeness & See The Sacred in One Another

How will I know that you won’t hurt me? That you won’t use your masculine strength to try to power over me?

How will I know that I can trust you? That you won’t use force to try to get me to submit to you?

How will I know that when you knock on my door to fix an appliance or sell a service that you’re not here for something else, to have access to something that I hold as sacred?

How will I know that when you walk by me on the street or the trail and you smile at me that you’re not just trying to get me to drop my guard so that you can fulfill an agenda to use your manhood as a weapon against me?

How will I know that when you ask for a spare change that you won’t try to take something else as I look through my purse?

How will I know that when we’re in an elevator, an alleyway, or a party of mutual friends that you are not covertly planning your attack on me?

If you believe that being a “pussy” means being weak, how would I know that you don’t also think that having a pussy makes me weak? How would I know that if you believe this that you don’t also believe that my pussy is for you to have, to grab, and to insert yourself in as an object for your twisted pleasure?

How could I possibly know?

Let’s Meet From Our Wholeness & See The Sacred in One Another

I’ve tried to find safety by testing you, seducing you, and staying guarded around you. I had no baseline for knowing what being safe with you felt like. But I’m ready for something different. I’m ready to rewrite this story with you. I want to create a story where we are both in our power. I want to experience a new paradigm of being a woman and a man together, where we protect and nurture one another and where we regard one another as worthy and whole.

I want to empower you and feel empowered by you.

I want to be responsive to your pain and have you be responsive to mine.

I want to know that you care about my pleasure, my desire, and my needs as I care about yours.

I want to show you all of me, and I want to see all of you.

I want to open up to you in ways that I have never opened up to another man, but first I need to know that I am safe. Show me that you believe in my dignity, that you see how precious I am, and that you can honor my sovereignty. Show me this every day, every time I look at you, every time you touch me as I will do this for you.  

Let us rewrite the story.

Let us meet from our wholeness and see the sacred in one another.

Let us love one another in such a way that we both feel more expansive, more empowered, and more alive for having shared this love.

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