#NeverGiveUP: 7 Good Reminders for When You Are About to Quit

#NeverGiveUP: 7 Good Reminders for When You Are About to Quit

When things are going well, it’s always good to know how to keep and expand that. And, when we struggle to catch a breath, facing challenging circumstances, we got to take other actions that help us pull through rough patches on the way. Some situations seem to be so excruciatingly terrible, we think it’s going to last forever. That is when we need to explore what works best for us when it comes to reframing our mind making the transition from a tough place to the brighter one easier. That’s when we need to remind ourselves of some fundamental truths just before we were about to give up…

#NeverGiveUP: 7 Good Reminders for When You Are About to Quit

1. Quit Or Commit?! Keep Pushing Forward

Here we need to choose to be stubborn and decide to move onward. It might not happen automatically. Often times we just have to rise above saying, “Quite frankly, I don’t care how tough it is. And how disappointed I might be at the moment. Have managed to pull through before and I will do the same this time around also. I am moving on with my life and won’t let these circumstances get the best of me.”

always push forward

2. Concentrate On Things You CAN Control

A current situation might look bad right now, but know for a fact, it will change. Our life changes from moment to moment and so do you. When we choose to stop worrying about the things beyond our control, we have time to focus on the things we can control.

3. This Is So Wrong! Things Should Be Different!

When we sit there thinking that “This situation is so wrong, this all should be different,” we need to take a deep deep breath in and out. If you’re still sitting there ruminating, “Things should be different right NOW,” take another deep breath, and then another deep breath. Think why this situation occurred and what lesson should be soaked in? Stay present. Keep your focus on the things you CAN create today. Step by step. And when tomorrow comes it will reveal itself exactly as it should, just like the previous day has. Again, focus on the things you can create today. What are those things? What is it that we can create today?

4. Six Months From Now If You Keep Going Today…

If you get tired, learn to rest, not quit.

Close your eyes for a moment and envision yourself six months from now if you keep at it today… How would it look like? Look, setbacks happen, it’s a part of a deal, but if you choose to never go after what you want again, chances are, you will never have it. If you choose to never ask again. If you choose to never go forward and persevere and push through, you are just stuck right where you are. Take action, change that.

5. Remember WHY You Started

Take a step back to see the bigger picture and try to recall why you started? Why is it important to you? What meaning does it give to your life? The beautiful truth is that courage doesn’t have to roar, no,  sometimes it could be a tiny whisper at the end of the day reminding you that it’s okay to try again tomorrow.

remember why you started

6. Always Choose Progress Over Unattainable Perfection

7. There’s No Way You Might EVER Regret Reaching Your Goal. But You Will Definitely Regret Giving Up

When the going gets rough and you think on giving up on your goal, just stop and think for a second what would you regret doing more: pushing through and getting to the top of the mountain, or giving up halfway and climbing back down? I know the feeling, I’ve been there and trust, looking back at times where I was about to quit yet pushed through, I can confirm that never have I ever had an ounce of regret reaching my goals.

Because the beautiful truth is this: the subtle difference between who we were yesterday and who we want to become is up to what we choose to do right now, today. Keep pushing forward. See you at the top of the mountain.

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