One Solid Choice You Won’t Regret in 5 Years

What is necessary to change a person is to change his awareness of himself – Abraham Maslow

One Solid Choice You Won't Regret in 5 Years

We often get caught up in the daily grind and forget to check-in with ourselves, or perhaps, we choose to ignore our senses and mask our discomfort and emotions.  

When we choose to suppress these signals, we start experiencing physical and mental dis-ease. That’s exactly how our body desperate to get our attention! The pain stops us in our tracks. It makes us re-evaluate our lives, where we are headed and where we want to go so that we can find our way back to creating a life that is aligned with our true desires.

I’ve spent years caring about what people thought of me, and comparing myself to others, and choosing to do things against my heart’s desires. I was seeking external approval or tried hard to “become” someone who I was not to please others. I lost focus and awareness of what I genuinely wanted, and it eventually led me to depression.  

Nothing is worst than betraying yourself – Oprah

It was during this time when I’ve developed my self-awareness by tuning into the signals and senses from my body. In doing so, it led me to find peace and happiness from within. It enabled me to navigate my life in alignment with what indeed gives my soul joy, creating the space for better choices and change.

One Solid Choice You Won’t Regret in 5 Years

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1. Quiet Your Mind

Countless research and studies have shown that by engaging in activity that allows you to “quiet your mind” and be at the moment, it can tremendously benefit your body and mind ignite your inner spirit.

For some (like myself), sometimes I do have a hard time sitting still and meditating.  When this happens, I choose instead to engage in an activity that I can enjoy being in the present. This could take the form of yoga, going for a walk, organizing my workspace.  Find what works for you to quiet your mind chatter in a healthy, natural way. 

2. Check in with your Inner GPS

This includes your senses and your emotions.


Your senses give you signals every day to help you interpret whether you are going against or going with the flow of natureWe use our five senses to detect and describe, what we “sense” is going on within ourselves and how we engage with our environment. We use our eyes to see, and our ears to listen to what’s going on in our surroundings to help us detect the truth.  Our nose is used to smell the beauty of life and to detect danger.  While we use our tongue to taste and our touch to feel the essence of an experience.

How often have we heard people say, I smell danger or I smell a rat in the room or describe a moment to be sweet or bittersweet? Next time, when your senses lead you to sense something is not right, tread carefully.


Emotions are also part of what forms the human experience.  It gives you feedback on your thoughts, triggers, and reactions to your encountered experiences. It plays a healthy role in your body and your life when you pay attention to it and allows it to guide you back to balance.

In my BodyTalk studies, I learned that: Fear keeps us alive, Anger allows us to move, Joy harmonizes all things, Sadness gives us compassion, Worry allows us to stop and think, Grief allows us to let go, Love opens our heart and Gratitude allows us to be optimistic.

When I notice I am experiencing low-level emotions, I acknowledge it and then give myself permission to be sad, angry, worried, whatever it may be, I let myself be.

Depending on the circumstance, sometimes the feeling lingers longer than it is welcomed.   When this happens, I start to ask myself:

  • What does it cost me to be, i.e., angry?
  • What is the impact it is having on others?
  • What am I getting out of being in this negative state?

My inner voice will then start to have more reason.  When this happens, I know it is time to switch gears, to take responsibility and choose to be in a “better feeling state,” and I turn my attention to directing my thoughts and actions in a way that will lead me to inner peace, balance and an improved spirit.  

Negative emotion is your call to action – Tony Robbins

3. Check in With Your Body

Your body is always communicating with you. Have you ever experienced your body tensing up, feeling heavy and constructed, perhaps you can even feel your blood pressure rising and a knot forming in your stomach?  This is often signs from your body trying to tell you to slow down and re-assess what’s going on in your life and what you are signing up for.

If your body is feeling relaxed, open, energetic, eager, and light then it’s a sign that you are in flow with your life.  I remember when I was still working at my corporate job, every time I got out of bed to get ready for work, my heart would drop, and I would feel lethargic and heavy.

When I arrived at work, my skin would often develop a rash. As soon as I left for the day, it disappeared. For me, my body was telling me that tolerating a job that I was unfulfilled at was sucking the energy out of me and irritating me both physically and mentally and that I needed to find a way out.

Next time when you feel pain or discomfort in your body, notice if there are any patterns in your environment, i.e., a certain time of day, certain aspects of your life, certain people, events that trigger it.  What is your body trying to make you aware of in your life?

Your body is precious. It is our vehicle for awakening.  Treat it with Care – Buddha

When you start paying attention to your body and mind, it can change your life.  Let it help guide you in living your life with happiness and ease.

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