Start Saving Your Life Today by Enjoying the One You Have NOW

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Start saving your life today by enjoying the one you have now. – Lesya Li

Like river flows in its chosen direction so does our life. We cannot live without purpose and we spent many years figuring out what our purpose is and what imprint each and every one of us came here to leave. It’s amazing how we influence people and how they touch our own lives. Everyone came here to be a teacher and a student at the same time. The process of learning never stops as much as life’s lessons.

We have our dream and we follow it. We chase it wholeheartedly knowing that it can come true if we would go out of our old patterns and push ourselves a little bit stronger. Some dreams are meant to stay dreams. By not coming true, behind that dream, some of us find our destiny…

The Field of Dreams & Reality

All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them. – Walt Disney

I revisited an old movie “Field of Dreams” yesterday and I found it astonishingly inspirational. If you watched it years ago, revisit it. If you have never seen that movie, watch it today without hesitation. An incredible boost of motivation is hidden in every single dialogue of the film. In every scene, you may find something metaphoric that is close to you.

The reality here is simple (but not easy). For as long as we breathe, we can live the life we want by appreciating what we have now and moving forward with faith in your ability to change your life for the better. What is change? Change begins when you do things differently coming out of the patterns you set for yourself before.

Wisdom is knowing I am nothing,Love is knowing I am everything,and between the two my life moves.

By enjoying the little things we already have, by vividly picturing ourselves where we want to be and by feeling like we are already there, we start taking small steps every day towards it… It makes life worth living when you have a purpose and when you KNOW that what you want IS GOING TO HAPPEN.

We have all the sources in the world to educate ourselves, to gain new skills and to go out there and explore. We have it all.

The only thing that we might not have is the feeling like actually doing it. Some say that is due to a lack of motivation. Some say that with new experiences, even the successful ones, comes greater responsibility. We just want to be THERE and skip the whole “journey” part with bells and whistles like we see in movies when the main character undergoes some major changes in his/her life.

Break Up With Auto-Pilot


Most of the time we are either in auto pilot mode or go straight into “emergency break” when we do something beyond our usual routine.

The more we tap into our awareness regarding what we do and why we do it (escape from pain or run towards pleasure) the more our chances are to actually change our life for the better. The more we dare to live the life we want, not the one we merely live being in a deep auto-pilot state.

Don’t listen to that inner voice that drags you down back to sleep when your alarm goes off in the morning. Yes, undoubtedly, the bed is so cozy and warm, but there isn’t much life in it. Yes, the first couple of minutes out of bed in a breezy room seem like a lot to digest, but in the long run – it’s fine! Getting more out of a comfort zone of a metaphoric bed brings you more life experience and opportunities to build your own ladder to success and prosperity, immaculate health and relationships… Whatever you want, you can achieve.

Think about all the times when you felt like being on auto-pilot. What did it feel like? Have you ever driven somewhere only to realise that you don’t remember how you got there?

This is a good example of being so used to our routine that doing something drastically new seems ridiculous, nearly impossible. But that’s not true. The dream, the main goal we want to achieve SHOULD seem ridiculous at first. But only imagine HOW GREAT it would feel to get there from the place you are at right NOW.

Start Saving Life Today by Enjoying the One that You Have NOW


You have a purpose in your life. You do. We all came here to bring something special and unique into the blend of this world. What is your purpose here? Close your eyes for a moment and imagine yourself living with passion and fulfilling your dreams. What does it feel like? Does it strongly contrast compared to what’s going on in your life right now? Well, guess what: YOU CAN CHANGE IT any moment you decide to do so. You can change it all for the better. The most important thing to do TODAY is to start saving your life by enjoying the one you have now.

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