The 4 Best Exercises for a Full-Body Workout

The 4 Best Exercises for a Full-Body Workout

How do you feel when you don’t want to do anything? Low energy? Maybe lethargic even? We all may feel zero motivation to do anything productive and/or energize once in a while. However, when we are active and moving, it makes us feel way better than laying on the couch watching movies and perhaps feeling a bit unhappy about the way things currently are in life. The good news is, we can change things for the better in a snap of a finger! 

The 4 Best Exercises for a Full-Body Workout

If you’re feeling a bit down at the moment, then you should try to invigorate your entire body to get positive feelings to flow back into your system. Here are the four best exercises for a full-body workout, which includes the mind, too!

Best Exercises for a Full-Body Workout:


If you are regularly having yoga’s praises sung everywhere you go, there’s a good reason for that.

Yoga is the ancient practice of connecting the mind, breath, and body to discover true health and wellbeing. Yoga is a deeply profound, all-powerful approach to living. Even though yoga dates back around 2,600 years, it is more prominent now than ever, and there are good reasons for that; Arguably, yoga is unlike anything else you will have ever tried before! There is no need for expensive equipment or special skills. It’s simply about you discovering a calmer, more joyful self.

Yoga liberates each of us from unnecessary confusion, stress, and pain. It helps quieten the mind. When the mind becomes quiet, it gives us peace. Which also results in serenity and joy, rich in happiness and fulfilling life.

Yoga is formed on a spiritual practice rooted in Buddhism and Hinduism. However, since its dispersion across the globe, it has been adapted into styles that suit every kind of person. 

A full yoga sequence will engage all of your body, even muscles you probably didn’t know you had. The movement with the breath is meditative and is a perfect anchor for staying focused. You don’t have to be incredibly toned, flexible, or agile to do yoga, contrary to the stereotypical Western yogi. There’re all sorts of routines to suit your ability and the parts of the body and mind. Make sure to check out Yoga with Adrienne for some inspiration. 


Rowing is a great exercise for engaging thighs, abdomen, arms, and calves, if not more! A great thing about rowing is the focus and power that goes into racing with others – it will strengthen your entire body and build your spirit as you work with others towards the finish line.

Rowing Machine Benefits
Rowing is an efficient way to burn calories, as well as build strong and defined muscles.

If you can’t find a body of water, a boat to row, and some friends who are willing, don’t give up on this activity yet. Why not get a rowing machine for your own sessions inside? Owning the best rowing machine will keep you disciplined and help you reach your personal goals on your own time, no matter where you live! 

Nordic Walking 

When it comes to finding the best exercises for a full-body workout, not many people think of Nordic walking!

Nordic walking with poles combines cardiovascular exercise with a vigorous muscle workout for your shoulders, arms, core, and legs. You see, when you walk without poles, you activate muscles below the waist. However, when you add Nordic poles, you activate ALL of the upper body’s muscles as well, meaning you are engaging 80% to 90% of your muscles, as opposed to 50%, providing a substantial calorie-burning benefit.

nordic walking benefits
Many evidence confirms that Nordic walking burns more calories than regular walking-estimates range from an increase of 18% to 67% more.

Nordic walking is also associated with reductions in fat mass, “bad” LDL cholesterol and triglycerides, depression, anxiety, chronic pain, and waist circumference, and increases in “good” HDL cholesterol, endurance, muscle strength and flexibility, walking distance, cardiovascular fitness, and quality of life.

Another benefit is that you’re much more stable when you use poles because you have more ground contact points, and you’re not relying on two feet alone.

Plus, Nordic walking is fun! It can be a great social activity if you join one of the Nordic walking clubs popping up across the country. To find one near you, search the Internet or contact your local parks and recreation departments.


Trapeze is quite a strenuous activity, but it’ll be unlike anything else you’ve done before!

Trapeze requires a lot of concentration and engages your mind while you anticipate each movement. It works wonders for strengthening arms, legs, and core, too. 

Trapeze builds strength in arms, legs, and core, but you’re likely to feel the ache all over after your first few sessions. After this, you’ll start to notice your energy and strength improve greatly.

There are group classes for trapeze out there, or you can take private classes to get one-on-one teaching. 

take care quotes


Reinvigorating isn’t just about finding the best exercises to lose weight; it’s about taking ownership of your life by taking care of your body, mind, and spirit. While taking up these activities on a long-term basis will tone your body, the main thing is about nourishing your mind and spirit. 

At the end of the day, there is no better feeling than feeling fit, strong, and healthy. Try these four best exercises today, and feel the difference!

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