Top 9 Useful Money-Saving Tips For Visiting London

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“It’s a great momentum to travel through London with family or friends. However, many of us, especially the average-earning people, find it too complex to survive in the capital. For those budget-constraint folks, here’re a few helpful tips to arrange a budget-friendly trail.”

London is counted among the most beautiful cities in the world. Its beauty is inexpressible. The surroundings, allures and legacy it carries are remarkable. However, during your tour to London, you might found yourself to be beaten up with extremely high expenses at every turn! Your squeezed pocket size makes it all shady and ruins your overall tour. Thus, considering your certain budget requirement, we’ve emerged up with this post that’d provide you some handy tips of travelling around London on a budget.

Top 9 Useful Money-Saving Tips For Visiting London

Keep your backpack lighter

When it comes to visiting a city like London, it’s important to keep your luggage lighter to enjoy most of the attractions. If you’re lighter on your feet, you’d ultimately be lighter on your wallet. It helps you avoid tons of trouble during check in process, keep custom department and security staff away from you.

Do the currency exchange wisely

Little pennies can make a huge difference to your overall travel experience. So, take care while exchanging currency. Make sure you’re not being charged heavily or any extra by the currency exchangers. Also, know the exact value of GBP with its comparison to your country’s currency.

Steer clear of peak season

Yes, you might miss a few season-specific allures but, it’s better to spare for other purposes. Don’t rush to any destination when zillions of other tourists are heading there at the same time. Make sure when you head on to London, you’re not overlapping the peak seasons. Going there during semi-off-season may prove lighter on your budget.

Double check the prices for everything (!)

As you are new in the city, it’s probable to be cheated by some shoppers, at some restaurants and bars. Keeping this in mind, it’s better to double check the prices for everything you buy or try in London. Ask a simple question, “how much”?  In other words, don’t take anything for granted.

Book your hotel carefully

For affordable accommodation, try to go for the Space Apart Hotel for cheaper stays. They offer you a complete range of facilities at cheaper rates. Make sure that you have made a full research filtering all the best available options. Or you can also consult with locals about affordable apartments in London for the shorter stays.

Dine out locally

London's best cheap eats

To taste the best of the local cuisine around the city, it’s important to reach to locals rather than star rated restaurants. In every country, there are oodles of local food stalls offer luscious local food at comparatively lower prices. It will save a lot on your budget. Consult for the best local foods to the local folks, drivers, clerks, cabbies alike.

Don’t shy with quibbling

I know this sounds a bit too cheap to haggle, but sometimes it’s better to bargain around at a certain point. At some shops, bargaining is acceptable and can make you save a lot on your purchases. Plus, make sure to get your VAT refund.

Use cash rather than making paying through credit/debit cards

Making payment through credit cards can lead to a certain amount of interest. It makes a huge difference to your overall bills. Make sure, every time you pay for something, pay cash to avoid unusual deduction.

Use public transport

Hiring private transport may cause you a lot so make sure that you find your way to public transport that is rather cheaper than the private transport. If you are traveling locally, try to go for the one time pass for the full day to avoid ticket buying process for every single destination.

Enjoy your trip to London!

Keep calm and go to London.

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