10 Bright Reminders to Put on Your Wall and Read Every Day

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10 Bright Reminders to Put on Your Wall and Read Every Day

1. Here’s The Root to All Evils…

To many, the only root of all evils is fear.
How many dreams never came true because of that?Fear is that notorious barrier that tends to hold us back from getting and becoming what we truly want. I bet that fear crashed way more hopes, aspirations, and dreams than failure ever will. Fear paralyses. It disables us to think clearly, search and explore opportunities… it keeps us hostage inside our shells.
We have to break from those self-imposed boxes of fear and go out of the comfort zone, pushing, insisting and pressing till we get what we want.

Curiosity will conquer fear even more than bravery will. – James Stephens

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2. Acceptance. Simple, But Never Easy

One of the most fundamental secrets to happiness is when you find place and time to accept yourself. Just the way you are. Sounds simple, but never easy. Nevertheless, we have to start accepting ourselves with all bright sides and shortcomings.
When I choose to forgive and accept myself, this means that I made peace with all the things I thought I did wrong in the past. This means, that I accept the fact that I came here to learn my lessons as much as anyone of us. Moreover, it’s okay to embrace yourself for trying to do your best. Start with the love expressed towards yourself and keep persisting on becoming better and stronger than you were yesterday.

forgive yourself quote

3. Grateful For The Present

The past is over and gone. Good riddance!
The future is never promised. Among this chaos, we find peace in between… in every present moment, we all should be thankful for.
Do you feel grateful?

gratitude quote

4. Which Set of Beliefs Serve You Well?

The set of beliefs is a filter that we see our reality through. Some of them serve us well… Some of them – hold us back.
Are you happy with the way things are right now? No?! Then take a closer look at the set of your beliefs and opinions. What doesn’t serve you well? What can be changed?

your reality is a reflection

5. Your Heart Is The Best Compass You Have

Where does your heart take you or keeps on knocking with persistence to bring your attention to something meaningful? What is the purpose of your life?
We all wonder about it. Decide what you want, what makes you tick, what makes you happy and let your heart lead you towards it. You heart is the best compass you have.

You must give everything to make your life as beautiful as the dreams that dance in your imagination. ― Roman Payne

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6. To be kind or To Always be Right?

What is more important: to be kind or to always be right?
Let people have their opinions, they are entitled to them. Everyone looks at life through the glasses of their own set of beliefs. It’s a waste of time trying to make people change their beliefs when they contradict to something YOU BELIEVE is true.
There is no point in proving them wrong or proving yourself to be right all the time. What matters most is staying kind even if you disagree with something or someone.

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7. Reality = Reflection of Your Thoughts

If you believe that your life is filled with miserable and unhappy people or circumstances – don’t look surprised when your thoughts will find its reflection in reality.
For a quick instance, yesterday I felt lousy. I thought to myself that the world is such a miserable place! Instantly it hit me: Tell me, who created “this” world to be like that?
I DID. In my own thoughts.

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Reality really is the mirror of our thoughts. The sooner we realise this, the faster we can focus on being vigilant, filtering the thoughts that flash through our minds creating a reality we live in.

8. Going Against Yourself? What For?

When we are stuck in the vortex of things that we are not happy about like our job, our colleagues, our relationships, remind you that it’s always possible to change those circumstances. We can change our job, get away from our colleagues that drive us insane, we can tuck things up in our relationships… Though, we won’t be able to run away from ourselves.

The idea is simple. We have to create and maintain a good relationship with ourselves and try to avoid doing something that goes downright against our nature.

how to be yourself

9. Got Caught In Between?

A fair share of our anxieties, bad moods, and hopelessness spirals out from a place where we find ourselves standing between the past and the future. On one hand, we might be obsessing about the future that hasn’t arrived. On the other hand, we might be thinking about the past and the outcomes that could have been better…
Unfortunately, we can’t rewrite our past changing the outcome, we shall accept it as it was. It’s time to accept our past and people who played a role while we were there learning our lessons. Then, we shall stay present instead of wandering of how future might look like.

the school of life

10. Love… Love… Love…

love quote

The greatest essence of life is LOVE. The more we generate this feeling and share it, the better our life becomes all around.

We all look for love. Love is that unlimited energy, which, when shared, comes back to us and never dries out.
Love is the greatest gift. Life is the greatest gift of love. So share it!

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