10 Night Markets Not To Miss When You Are In Taipei

When vacationing in Taipei, the highlight of the trip that should never be missed in your itinerary is a stroll through the night markets that offer an eating experience like no other. For the uninitiated, the street food scene in the greater Taipei area is truly legendary. Below is a list of the 10 most popular Taipei night markets worth visiting for the best culinary delights. Check out cheap flights from Singapore to Taipei if you are planning to visit Taipei for this holiday!

1.  Ningxia Night Market

A visit to the popular Ningxia night market shows just how much the Taiwanese people love crowding together. The market is undoubtedly the easiest one to navigate and the consistent signage written in English is a welcome sight for the visitors. Ningxia naturally has a pleasant variety of fantastic cuisine thus giving it a gold distinction.

2.  Shilin Night Market

The Shilin market is Taipei’s most crowded and largest, with plenty of food vendors. The market is popular for its insanely creative treats that you wouldn’t find anywhere else. Despite this, you can still find all-night market classics in this area such as mee sua, oyster omelets, stinky tofu, bubble tea and more.

3.  Kaohsiung Liu He

Though you would typically expect the night market fare abundance here, if you love seafood you’ll be glad to know that it dominates in Liu He. If you would like to find stalls stocking grilled shrimp, half-lobster tails, and oysters, use your nose and let it guide you to the savory aromas.

4.  Miaokou Market Located In Keelung

The food here ranges from grilled octopus and grilled oysters to tasty restaurant-grade sashimi at extremely affordable prices. Seafood lovers come from different parts of the globe to get their fill of tasty delicacies in Keelung. 

5.  Hualien Dongdamen

The vast majority of Taiwan markets are crowded, noisy, and great fun. While the markets are rarely chilled out, Dongdamen is an exception. Since the market is located on the beach, you can enjoy the cool ocean breeze while enjoying live music at the plaza as you sample the Taiwanese aboriginal dishes such as zhútǒng fàn (sticky rice served in bamboo), Kǎo sh zhūròu (grilled mountain pork), and the locally brewed rice wine (xiǎo mǐjiǔ). 

6.  Jingmei Night Market

Jingmei market is superb for those who would rather mingle with others in a busy area with no tourists. Here you find the treats you typically find in other night markets and interesting services including knife massages and facials.

7.  Ximending Night Market

Ximending is a popular shopping area frequented by youth and tourists. There’s lots of great food to sample here, including Taiwanese street food.

8.  Raohe Tourist Night Market

Raohe is one of the most frequented spots by locals and tourists alike. Besides the Taiwanese street foods, Raohe market is in close proximity to interesting sights such as the Ci You temple.

9.  Tonghua Market

Tonghua boasts of having numerous stalls, which are household names in the region and the recipes here have remained unchanged for many decades. If you fancy a bite of stinky tofu, we suggest you try it here, as these have a lower pungent smell. Other delicacies sold here include Lu Wei (foods braised with soy sauce), squid stew, and bao (Taiwanese Hamburgers). 

10.  Shida Market

Shida is dominated by a younger crowd, thanks to the fact that its located in a university area. The upside of this is that food prices are generally lower compared to other markets located in popular tourist areas.