3 Epic Places You’ll Want to Visit on Your Next Road Trip

The best way to learn what you are made of is to get out of your comfort zone leaving mundane life behind, gas up the car, and experience the adventure ahead. This is even a better idea if you breaking in your new car or truck. There are a lot of epic places you can visit on your next road trip but in this article, you’re going to find some of the best-hidden gems. 

The Las Vegas of the Midwest

The first road trip we recommend you take is Branson, MO. Branson is one of the hidden gems in America and not too many people know about it.

If you’ve ever heard of the amusement park Silver Dollar City there is one close by but Branson itself has so much to offer!

One of the more memorable things about Branson is the Ripley’s Believe It or Not museum. If you were ever a fan of the book than you would definitely love it there. There’s also bumper cars, gift shops, and many other abstract activities.

Festivals and Springs

The town of Live Oak, FL doesn’t have much to offer itself. But surrounding this small town of about 8,000 people are awesome festivals and beautiful springs.

The Suwannee Music Park has weekly live music year-round and festivals during holidays like Halloween. There are cabins you can rent for these festivals but you may want to book in advance because they are typically sold out!

Next, to the music park, you have Suwannee Springs where you can bring the family, canoe, and go swimming all year-round.  If you’re planning on packing a lot, midsize trucks are a great vehicle to take along with you. There isn’t just swimming though. There are also trails all around the spring itself you can check out too. There are many other springs than this one around Live Oak; just remember to bring sun lotion. We don’t want anyone getting sunburnt.

The Northern Thumb

We call this next place the northern thumb because it looks like a thumb on your map. It starts off right above Green Bay and goes to Sturgeon Bay, WI, a small community with beautiful scenery and downtown shops.

Going a little north you’ll find a park called Cave Point. This park is right off the lake and has amazing trails. Above that is Sister Bay, WI and something you’ll have to do when you get there is check out Al Johnson’s Swedish Restaurant because there are literally goats on the roof.

If you’re into food then you should also stop by Egg Harbor, WI and go to a restaurant called Parador. This restaurant is the hidden gem you wish you found. It’s family-style dining and the food could not be more meant for your taste buds. 

Let’s Wrap Up This Trip!

We would have never found out about these places if we didn’t just turn off our phones and drive. The best places to go are ones where you didn’t know you were going to end up at.

Next time you’re on your next road trip remember why you decided to go on one. We encourage everyone to relax and have their own journey in life. Some of our favorite places are in the states you may not have thought of. But that’s what makes them hidden gems and why they are so beautiful.  

photo source | pexels 

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