woman on a laptop doing freelance job

4 Alternative Ways to Work in the 21st Century

We live in an ever-changing world and as the digital age progresses, there are even more opportunities for people to have careers that are drastically different from jobs in the past. Technology has enabled us to work remotely from anywhere in the world, as well as changing how we communicate and process information. Here is a guide to some alternative career paths that are open to 21st-century people.

woman on a laptop doing freelance job


A vlog is a name given to ‘video blog,’ and it is where an individual or business posts videos, either on their own website or a search engine like YouTube. There are different ways to earn money from vlogging, such as from being paid to promote other brands or services, advertising, or being paid for the number of views your videos get.

To be a vlogger, you need to have a good niche that people are interested in, as well as some basic equipment like cameras and microphones. Websites such as Choosist can help find the right camera equipment for vloggers.


Being a freelancer is being able to work for yourself by selling your services to different clients. There are many industries that freelancers might have experiences in, such as writing, photography, or computer programming.

One of the benefits of freelancing is that people can set their own work times and fees. However, it can also be a stressful career, as there are periods when work may be a bit slow.

Freelancers also have to be able to keep their own accounts and be able to negotiate fair fees for their work.

Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate marketing is where a person makes a commission for sales that come from their recommendations.

The marketer often has a website or blog, as well as social media channels, on which they recommend or review products and brands that have affiliations with. When someone goes on to purchase via the marketer’s website links, a commission is earned. To be successful at affiliate marketing, a good amount of targeted web traffic is important as well as being able to write for an audience.

Public Speaker

A speaker who is paid to speak at events can earn a good amount of money by doing so. Usually, speakers are hired to give their thoughts on something that they are skilled in, for example, a talk on generating sales from social media. Other speakers may be hired to recite poetry at weddings or speak on behalf of a charity organization.

One of the differences between careers of this century and those of the last, is that rather than having one job for life, such as being a lawyer or dentist, there is more opportunity for people to be creative, find their own career niche and develop it into something that suits them. The career landscape in the 21st century is evolving into one that offers more flexibility, and alternative options are available for those who find it hard to flourish with a regular day job.

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