4 Helpful Tips for a Perfectly Stress-Free Vacation

Is having perfectly stress-free holidays just a myth? Not so. Read on our four helpful tips that will help you plan your completely stress-free vacation.

4 Helpful Tips for a Perfectly Stress-Free Vacation

Thanks to the busy, modern world we live in and the hectic, anxious lives we lead it’s not always easy to unwind and completely shut off and reboot. That’s why dedicating a couple of weeks each year to rest and relaxation is an absolute must. But is it really that easy?

Some could argue that while heading off on holiday is exciting, it also brings with it more responsibility, more tight schedules, planning and of course, stress. There’s always something to worry about, right? Whether it’s the kids behaving and staying safe, the worry of losing your passports or your holiday or flights being canceled at the last minute – you’ll find the very latest information regarding holiday cancellations and getting your money back with this advice from Creditfix.

1. A Perfectly Stress-Free Vacation: Out of Office

Of course, you may want to keep your phone nearby, just in case of a family emergency back home. However, there is absolutely no reason why you would need to have any other devices or notifications going off when you’re thousands of miles away.

Turn off all your push notifications including any for social media accounts, games and other apps. Or, better yet turn your phone off completely and leave it in the hotel room.

Even if something does require attention back at home, whoever is calling can wait for you to get back to them when you’re good and ready.

2. A Perfectly Stress-Free Vacation: Leave the Itinerary at Home

Making the most of your time abroad is crucial and no one wants to come home regretting that they didn’t do more or that they didn’t try something new.

While planning a few activities or figuring out where you’re going to eat is a good way to organize your days and give you a general idea of what you’d like to do, planning every last detail of your vacation will only make you even more stressed and put you under more pressure. Instead, try to go with the flow and see where the day takes you. 

3. A Perfectly Stress-Free Vacation: Don’t Bring Your Stressors with You

Still, stung by that passive-aggressive comment you received at work the other day?

If you bring your stressors on holiday with you, then even the smallest inconvenience has the potential to be blown way out of proportion.

Try not to let your mind wander to your aggravators back home, try to be in the moment instead and push them from your mind. 

4. A Perfectly Stress-Free Vacation:Don’t panic about the house

No one wants to come home from a spotless hotel suite to the untidy house they left behind in a hurry. But, does it really matter?

If you spend the night before your flight scrubbing the house from top to bottom, you’re only going to spend the first couple of days of your break on edge and cranky from a lack of sleep. Don’t worry about the dishes, or the carpet crumbs – just sort it when you get back! 

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