4 Stunning Places That are Perfect for Paddling in Malaysia

Malaysia is a stunning country with diverse culture, fantastic cuisine, and a multitude of fun activities to offer to its visitors. While some travelers may prefer to visit Malaysia to experience different festivities and local celebrations, others frequent the country to embark on their water sports adventures. This is because Malaysia is home to some of the most stunning places that are perfect for paddling and other thrilling water sports activities. 

4 Stunning Places That are Perfect for Paddling in Malaysia

1. Paddling in Malaysia: Putrajaya Maritime Centre

Putrajaya Maritime Centre is a location close to the city center that offers several water sports activities like flyboarding and standup paddling, or SUP.

This is typically around 40 minutes away from KL Sentral; thus, even if your itinerary for the day is a city tour, you can squeeze in some water sports fun. You can also take scuba diving or windsurfing lessons in this place.

Putrajaya Maritime Centre is an ideal place to spend quality time with your family. Still, it is also an excellent place for serious adrenaline-seekers who are yearning for extreme water sports apart from paddling.

2. Paddling in Malaysia: Langkawi Island, Kedah

Langkawi Island is an island north of Penang. Penang in Malaysia is one of the best places to visit to experience its wide range of exquisite cuisine, as well as precious and historical landmarks.

For you to be able to roam around Penang and appreciate its bountiful picturesque sites quickly, it is best to rent a car. There are several car rental companies in Penang because other types of public transportation are generally limited. Big Thumb car rental even offers a Langkawi car rental service, which you can conveniently book ahead of time.

Having a car at your disposal will guarantee that you enjoy each spot to its fullest. Thus, if you are exploring Penang, then it will be worth your time to go further north to Langkawi Island, where I recommend considering mangrove kayaking. This paddling sport will work out all your muscles, which is why it is necessary to ensure that you are physically ready for it. Nevertheless, you may not even feel the tiredness of your muscles because of the scenic views that you can appreciate as you kayak through the mangroves.

Langkawi island is where you can encounter wildlife such as monkeys, otters, eagles, and other animals in their natural habitat.

3. Paddling in Malaysia: Langat River, Selangor

Experience bamboo rafting in Langat River, where you can even make your bamboo raft together with the indigenous people there. Just make sure that you put in your best effort in making your raft because, unlike modern-day inflatable rafts, there is always the risk that your bamboo raft may come undone if it is poorly tied together.

While you are at it, you can also immerse yourself in the culture and lifestyle of the indigenous people or observe how they live as you bask in wonder and amazement.

If you have a pre-teen with you, then bamboo rafting in Langat River can be a rewarding bonding activity for both of you.

4. Paddling in Malaysia: Tanjung Resang, Johor

If you intend to go to a nature retreat, then Tanjung Resang in Johor is the best place for you to go when you are in Malaysia. This is because this area is home to the abundant wildlife that makes it a perfect tropical sanctuary. Stand up paddling is the water sport best recommended on this scenic location, especially during days with calm waters.


There are several stunning places to paddle in Malaysia, making it an enthusiasts’ paradise. More often than not, these places also offer other activities that adrenaline-seekers and laid back travelers alike will surely enjoy. Please, do visit these places when you are in Malaysia and get the chance to experience incredible spots for water sports such as paddling. 

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