India for Beginners

India for Beginners: What You Need to Know

India is one of the most exciting, vibrant, and colorful places to visit on Earth. A combination of cultural diversity, mouth-water cuisine, and exotic sceneries makes the trip worthwhile. Home to Taj Mahal, one of the wonders of the world, India is a grandeur of amazing architecture and cultural heritage that makes it a dream destination for many people around the world. Not only that, but travelers can also enjoy trekking the snow-capped Himalayan range, a trail through sparkling deserts, spend some quality time on beaches, or choose Rajasthan and explore unique architectural marvels. However, before doing all that, you need to know some basic things if you want your tour to India to be an ultimate adventure.

India for Beginners

1. India for Beginners: Choose the Right Destinations

India is a massive country with a lot of tourist spots. You can’t visit all the famous places without devising a fool-proof plan.

The most famous cities like Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur should be on the top of your list as they are one of the most famous cities in India.

For a spiritual experience, you can visit religious sites in Amritsar, Rajasthan or Ajmer.

If you are looking for a blend of natural beauty, Kerala offers a lot of panoramic landscapes and mesmerizing lakes.

Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand is an ideal tourist spot for trekking lovers. So, you can customize your tour based on your personal liking and have a good time.

2. India for Beginners: Beware of Money Wiring Scams

When you are planning a trip in such a vast country, you are liable to a lot of scams and frauds.

Where Indians are very friendly, there are some who take advantage of foreigners by scamming them.

The most common form of this scam is a money wiring scam. If you are looking for easy ways to send money to India, Western Union is your best bet. With over 121,000 agent locations all over India, Western Union provides one of the safest and easiest ways to wire money.

3. India for Beginners: Stay Away from Crowds

With over a billion people residing all over India, the streets can get a little crowded.

For some, the constant hustle and bustle might be fun, but everyone likes some peace and tranquility now and then.

When you are in a large crowd, take great care of where you are as you can easily take a wrong turn and find yourself lost in narrows streets.

Plan your trip well with a combination of lively parties and quiet retreats.

If you want to enjoy some alone time, you can go to the countryside or visit the north to India’s hills stations.

4. India for Beginners: Eat Healthily

India has a very bad reputation because of unhygienic street food. The locals have developed an immunity against it, but foreigners tend to get stomach sickness when they eat it.

If you are on holiday, you would definitely not want to get ill, so you need to take extra care of yourself.

Don’t drink tap water, don’t wash your food in it or avoid any food that has been washed with tap water, avoid ice, and make sure that the place you buy your food from follows all the hygienic procedures.

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