4 Ways to Save Time on Your Morning Coffee Routine

Coffee is a favorite beverage among Americans, and typically a cup of coffee every morning can make you more productive.

A single cup of coffee every day reduces your risk of liver disease and diabetes. It is also a great source of antioxidants, and a cup of black coffee has very few calories, which makes it a healthy beverage for weight-conscious folks.

But making coffee yourself in the morning can be time-consuming.

Most of the time-saving tips that you will encounter on the web revolve around how you should avoid making your cup of coffee yourself and instead be a regular customer at your local coffee shop.

But what if you still want to make coffee at home?

Avoiding the potentially long line could save you time on its own. Here are the top four ways to save time on your morning coffee routine.

4 Ways to Save Time on Your Morning Coffee Routine

1. Make Your Coffee Pot Before Going to Bed

If you develop a habit of setting up your coffee pot before you go to bed, you can just switch the power button to “On” and start brewing from the moment you wake up. Even if you have a slow coffee maker, you can continue getting ready while the fresh aroma of your morning pick-me-up fills your home.

Once your coffee is brewed, you’ll only have to pour it into your travel mug and add sweeteners or cream before you step out of the house.

How long would that take – two minutes?

That’s probably less than the time spent at the coffee shop standing in a line, ordering, paying, and waiting for your drink.

It may take time getting used to the new routine, but it will save you a few precious minutes every morning.

2. Brew Your Espresso with a Nespresso Machine

This is another great way of saving time on your morning coffee routine. We can all accept the fact that it may take you a significant amount of time to boil water, grind your coffee beans and wait for your coffee to brew.

You know what doesn’t take very long? Popping a capsule into a single serve coffee maker. For those who love espresso beverages, it can seem daunting to make your own cappuccino or latte at home, but it doesn’t have to be.

Nespresso has over a dozen different models of capsule-based espresso machines that simplify this process. You can brew your espresso shot in under a minute while simultaneously frothing your milk in a one-button frother. From start to finish it could take just 90 seconds.

Make sure you compare Nespresso machines before choosing the one that best suits your needs.

3. Wake Up Slightly Earlier than Usual

One of the reasons why most of us like buying our morning coffee at the local coffee shop is that we aren’t morning people. We want to wake up at 6:30 am and leave the house as soon as possible.

What if you adjusted your schedule a little bit so that you wake up a little earlier so that you can prepare your morning coffee yourself before leaving the house?

I know I almost always want to watch TV until late and then wake up late, too.

Keep in mind that the evening hours you spent watching television are unproductive hours, but you can change them into productive morning hours!

Buy Pre-Ground Coffee in Small Quantities

One of the biggest changes you can make to improve your cup of coffee is to buy whole bean coffee and then grind it yourself every morning right before brewing.

But let’s be honest. That takes time.

Instead, you could opt to buy pre-ground coffee and then just scoop, brew, and go.

The downside with pre-ground coffee, though, is that it doesn’t have the same fresh flavor as coffee you’ve ground yourself. There’s no getting around this – pre-ground coffee will never be as fresh as whole bean coffee – but you can lessen the negative flavor by purchasing your pre-ground coffee in small quantities.

This means you get to open a new bag of coffee more frequently, possibly every week, instead of going back to your same, stale, jumbo canister of Folgers.

What Do You Do to Save Time on Your Morning Coffee Routine?

Some people enjoy the process of boiling the water, grinding their own coffee beans, and using one of those time-intensive pour over coffee machines.

Others just want caffeine cheap and fast.

Which type of coffee drinker are you? Do you have any suggestions on how to speed up your morning routine?

Let us know!

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