5 Awesome Things to do in Atlanta That are Actually a Blast!

More people are choosing Atlanta for their next vacation destination. The weather is moderate all year round, it has a major airport that makes flying in a breeze, and it has one of the most hospitable mentalities of any large city (they call it southern hospitality for nothing). But all these perks come at a cost –  a multitude of options! Are you looking for things to do in Atlanta? If yes, then buckle up because this list has some of the best activities Atlanta has to offer.

1. History Buffs – Visit Atlanta History Center

The Atlanta History Center allows you to explore the origins of Atlanta City as well as its tragedies and accomplishments. You will learn about the Cherokees, Creeks, and other Native Americans who used to reside in Georgia. You will even get to learn about the Western and Atlantic Railroad Zero Milepost. This is the marker around which the city was developed. As you explore the history of the Civil War, you will see where a Southern masterpiece titled “Gone with the Wind” was written by Margaret Mitchell. Also, you get to meet barbeque pit masters and folk artists of Georgia. And make sure you don’t miss a history lesson on Martin Luther King Jr., a Civil Rights icon and native Atlantan.

2. Naturalists – Piedmont Park

Whether you are celebrating the fall breeze or soaking in the summer sun, Piedmont Park is one of the best spots to spend time outdoors in Atlanta. It has a dog park, swimming pool, tennis courts, and more. So, as you enjoy picturesque views of the famous skyline of this stunning city, everyone in your family has something to do in this park.

Piedmont Park
Piedmont Park is awash with activities that will be sure to satisfy whichever “you” decide to come out to play that day. Which version of you are you going to take?

3. Care-Free Strollers – Atlanta Beltline

Have fun outdoors as you explore Atlanta along 22 miles of railroad tracks that have been repurposed and run throughout the most famous neighborhoods in the city. You can rent a bike and cycle the streets or walk your dog in the morning sun. The trail has lots of restaurants where you can grab a bite. In case you are on a budget, packing a picnic is always an option. Along the trail, you will find the Historic Fourth Ward Skate Park, where you or your children can have fun skating. If you are an art enthusiast, you can enjoy outdoor displays that comprise the Art on the Atlanta BeltLine exhibit.

4. Science Freaks – Fernbank Science Center

The Fernbank Science Center is a woodland center and museum run by the DeKalb County School System that promotes the understanding of technology and science and how it works in conjunction with nature. The center consists of authentic Apollo spacecraft, live animals, and dinosaur skeletons for you to view on your visit. Admission to the facility is free, as well as, the majority of the seasonal activities and exhibits. However, going to the planetarium does have a small cost, but the extra expense is definitely worthwhile.

5. Water Lovers – Chattahoochee River

During the summer or spring, spend a warm day floating down the legendary Chattahoochee River in Atlanta. You can rent a stand-up paddleboard, raft, canoe, or kayak to have fun floating. The experience of the scenic greenery that runs straight through the center of Atlanta will be one to remember. You can always bring your equipment instead of renting.

Given Atlanta’s size and the number of choices offered, I’d strongly recommend doing your research before you arrive. It’s going to save you from wasting too much time once you’re in the city. Fortunately, there is no shortage of articles and posts available to help get you started – this Atlanta moving guide by Suddath helped me get the lay-of-the-land before my first visit.

And there you have it! Whether you are a history buff or an adrenaline junkie, with a little planning these activities will give you the best memories of Atlanta. So, let loose and have fun!

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