How to Cope When You Feel Too Stressed to Study

Have you ever felt the overwhelming wave of stress when it makes you lose your footing and you can’t even focus to study? College essay writing process is no exception and could be extremely time-consuming and anxiety-inducing. Of course, sometimes, some assignments provoke your most creative side when you are in the state of flow and it all lead you to great academic accomplishments. But it is hardly more than 10% of the whole assignment load to deal with. Problems with essay writing assignments make the lives of the students way too stressful. And you are not supposed to live in stress all the time, because the more stress you have, the worse you study and the worse you study, the more stress you have. It’s a vicious cycle that you CAN break. 

Making Use of the Getting Things Done (GTD) system

Let’s kick things off with making use of the Getting Things Done system. GTD is described in several books, but we will save you some time and effort here.

To follow this system and reduce stress and organize your college routine better you need to write down all the assignments you have. Not only “to write an essay” but in general, all small and big tasks you have.

How will it help? The answer is simple — it will make your brain less overwhelmed.

Scientists prove that our brain gets overwhelmed if we need to remember many things that we need to pursue to accomplish. It is like having 200 windows open on your PC — doesn’t help with productivity.

When you write everything down, your processor understands that he is no longer responsible for keeping you alert about everything and it becomes much more relaxed and efficient at the same time.

Look for Writing Assistance

It is important that you understand something about college writing load. It is initially made impossible for a normal person to cope with everything on their own. Mostly, students work at least 60 hours per week and still need more time to deal with all the writing assignments. This system will change because it is going to fail otherwise. However, for now, in this pre-transition period, you need to adjust to survive. And one of the most practical and adequate surviving methods is finding help for your college papers online from a professional essay writing service.

Of course, it shouldn’t be your solution for every single essay that you need to write, but you can delegate at least 10-20% of your assignments and focus on the ones you really have to nail. Finding a decent writing service will once again help you get everything under control.

Exclude Stressful Activities — Even the Fun Ones

When you feel stressed for some considerable time, you need to stop and decide which activities add to your stressful state. Yes, college years in general and writing assignments, in particular, are overwhelming at times, but you can’t leave college when the going gets rough.

Maybe some exceptionally lively parties should go for a while?

Maybe you should limit your communication with toxic people?

There are lots of options to make your environment less stressful. To increase the effect, add some healthy activities and habits to your life.

For example, scientists agree that walking in fresh air at least 20 minutes regulates your heart rate and decreases cognitive stress.

An so instead of spending another 20 minutes on social media endless scrolling –– go for a walk. And you will see the instant difference in how you feel.

Let fresh perspective and new ideas appear in your mind once you allow yourself to create that headspace.

Optimal nutrition is important too. Start small and build momentum from then. Because you can’t live off fast food forever and why would you?

Fast food increases stress in your body as it plays with blood sugar and neurotransmitters harshly.

So start eating healthier, because you are worth it.

stop eating CRAP
Although our brains are wired to eat a variety of foods, junk food may reduce this desire. This can trap you in a vicious cycle of unhealthy eating. The more you eat junk food, the more you crave it. By following the simple steps, you can break the cycle today and lead a healthier life.

Always Keep The End Goal in Mind & Win 

Stress often comes from being unable to focus on a final outcome you are after. What we mean is this — your final aim is getting your diploma. You need to approach this goal strategically, not getting crazily overwhelmed about every essay. You need to learn how to diversify and delegate some of your tasks, otherwise, you will simply burn out.

Make a strategic plan and every time you get annoyed and stressed about one particular assignment think about alternatives. Some of the tasks should be done at the highest level of quality, but some can be skipped. Some you absolutely have to write yourself, and others you can delegate to a college essay writing service. Remember, it is only you who decides. You choose your ways to tackle stress in college. Good luck!

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