5 Best Motorcycle Camping Destinations In California

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5 Best Motorcycle Camping Destinations In California

These days, motorcycle camping has become very popular among avid campers as it allows them to reach various remote camping locations and explore those places with the utmost ease. The golden state of California boasts of limitless opportunities for camping, and it has many suitable motorcycle camping locations as well. All you need to experience these camping destinations are the adventurous spirit and your favorite bike. Following are five best motorcycle camping destinations in California:

1. Prewitt Ridge Campsite In Big Sur

Arguably Prewitt Ridge is easiest to reach the campsite in California. Located just 5 miles down an easy dirt road, this campground is easily accessible with even a Jetta.  So any bike will work for a camping adventure here. This is a campsite you can go camping all year round. Make sure you call the Esalen Institute in the morning before you want to join the public bathing hours. The institute is just less than an hour ride from the campsite.

2. Saline Valley Hot Springs In Death Valley

Take a serious ADV or Dual Sports bike on dirt tires and head towards the Death Valley to reconnect with your inner flower child or just soak in the finest spring camping adventure. You can choose between north or south passes into the Saline Valley. Make sure you have everything you need to survive as the location is around 50 miles away from any place you can get help.  Do not miss the opportunity to experience the sand dunes on the north side of the valley. Winter is the best time to camp in the Death Valley as summer is extremely hot.

3. Hidden Valley Campsite in Joshua Tree

If you want to have a transcendent experience in the desert or do some climbing, the hidden valley in the Joshua Tree is a perfect location. The name of the place itself explains that it is not easily findable place as its entrance obscures its existence. Once rustlers used to hide their stolen cattle in the valley which too is a reason behind the name. You can take any kind of bike and enjoy a winter camping in the hidden valley. Make sure you don’t miss riding the entire way through the park.

4. Laguna Seca In Monterey

If you want to roast weenies or drink beers while watching a race, Laguna Seca is a perfect place in California. All the campsites in the area have great views. But make sure you bring in some earplugs because you won’t be able to sleep without them due to the sound of racing bikes. Make sure you don’t miss watching a live race from the Corkscrew. Make sure you go there during the racing seasons not to miss watching the hot race.

5. Nelder Grove Campground in Western Sierras

Located down a remote forest service road, Nelder Grove Campground in Western Sierras is littered with stumps from 19th-century logging. You can walk into the Sequoia Grove and sleep around the stumps. There are clean toilets and good drinking water available in the campsites. Any kind of bike will do the job. Summer is perhaps the best time to camp here. More than anything else, you will enjoy spending your days with the largest trees in the world!

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Make sure you have all the necessary motorcycle parts and safety accessories with you to avoid any unexpected situation in your camping adventure. Having best dirt bike riding apparel can make your journey safe and comfortable.

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