5 Easy Steps Towards Healing When You Need Closure

By Angie Sarhan Salvatore

5 Easy Steps Towards Healing When You Need Closure

“Letting go gives us freedom and freedom is the only condition for happiness.”– Thich Nhat Hanh

I believe deep down, none of us enjoys suffering. But healing from emotional trauma is difficult. Diving into the depths of pain is… well, painful. Most of us want to skip over the hard stuff and just feel better already, hoping eventually it will get easier.

That’s not how true healing works, though. It might temporarily, but if we don’t fully let go of the emotional baggage weighing us down, the same grief and hurt will continue to resurface when we least expect it.

True healing takes work and a constant commitment to staying on your journey.

If you want to heal, you must dig down deep and get to the root. Know this. It will be messy and hard to do, but it will also be so incredibly worth it!

The sooner you deal with what’s holding you back, the sooner you can embrace the new blessings waiting to enter your life.

But what happens when you’ve dealt with the pain, done the work and even moved on, but you still want more closure?
Sometimes what you need at that moment is to practice a ritual that offers a sense of finality.

5 Easy Steps Towards Healing When You Need Closure

Please know the ritual I am about to share with you isn’t for the first day, month or even year after you’ve faced an emotional trauma. This ritual is for when you’ve done the work, talked it out, healed with time, but still feel like you need a more tangible, final release to move on.

I hope these five steps and the mantras that accompany them, help kick start you to the fresh start you’ve been dreaming of!

  1. Create the Mood.

Set aside some alone time and create the mood for this practice. Maybe that means drawing a warm bath or meditating for ten minutes. Maybe it means making a soothing cup of tea, lighting a candle and shutting off your phone. Whatever it is, ease your mind, body, and spirit.

Mantra: “I honor the space I need to heal myself.”

  1.  Write to Release.

Writing down what you will release gives things a more formal sense of completion. You can write this as a list or as a letter to the person you are thinking of. Let your true feelings show and be completely honest. Know that you are the only one who will see this so there is no reason to hold back or to restrict your emotions in any way.

Mantra: “I let go of this fully and completely.”

  1. Release It.

Once you feel the writing is complete, take a moment to read what you wrote. Let it fully sink in that you are ready to release these negative emotions and memories for good. Acknowledge how far you’ve come and how much work it took to get to this place. When you feel ready, burn the paper or rip it into tiny shreds and flush it down the toilet.

Mantra: “I release what no longer serves me. I trust what’s coming is better than what’s gone.”

  1. Celebrate a Fresh Start.

Congratulations! You have officially let the Universe know that you are ready to move on. What better way to show your commitment and excitement than toasting to new beginnings? Pour your favorite drink of choice and raise your glass high in the air. Toast to your fabulous future and all the adventures ahead.

Mantra: “I am grateful for a chance at a new beginning. I embrace what’s next.”

  1. Create a New Vision.

Now that you have released the negative situation that has been weighing you down, you will want to create a positive, new vision of what’s ahead. Think about what you want to manifest most. Visualize what that would feel, look and be like. If it helps, journal about it or create a vision board that will serve as your reminder of what you most want. When you shift your thoughts, you shift your energy and you shift your life in a new direction. Set your intention to reflect what’s best for your highest good.

Mantra: “Thank you for the blessings heading my way. I am ready now.”

Final thoughts 

Your healing begins the moment you embrace that you are ready to heal and open to massive transformation. Pretending pain doesn’t exist or that you are not carrying a burden in your heart, only delays your growth and ultimately your happiness.

Give yourself the gift of closure. Work towards the life you’re dreaming of—one where the past hurts no longer reside.

Your future self is thanking you.

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