5 Great Ways to Get Education in Europe and Travel at the Same Time

5 Great Ways to Get Education in Europe and Travel at the Same Time

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It’s not surprising that these days, more families embracing alternative forms of education, either to solve problems they’ve discovered with traditional education or to suit their particular needs. For some people, this could mean getting involved in an international school. For others, it means homeschooling. And as for yours truly, this meant taking my education into my own hands and embracing world traveling simultaneously. Starting from Europe.

Have you ever dreamt about traveling the world but could not quite imagine how and when? Check this article and find 5 ways that will help you enjoy studying and traveling at the same time!

5 Effective Tips to Get Education in Europe and Travel at the Same Time

If you have always dreamt to visit Europe, getting an education at one of the colleges and universities, is a perfect opportunity to visit more countries and enrich your travel experience. Europe has various destinations at affordable prices and the possibility to fly across the continent buying cheap tickets. That’s why it is so attractive to many tourists. Moreover, if you don’t want to leave a country where you stay, you can always make small trips to other cities.

When you are a student, you don’t have enough money to travel as much as you want. Besides, you need to study, and this is another problem that may prevent you from making a trip to Europe on your own. However, if you study at any European college or university, you always have some time to visit new places, as you don’t need to make a transatlantic flight. You can go to Balkans, visit Scandinavia and much more. All you need is $10 for tickets and a couple of free days.

How to Get a Scholarship to Travel across Europe Easier?

Applying for a scholarship these days is quite easy. You need to write an application letter, get all necessary documents, provide the commission board with the outline of your academic grades and achievements. Fortunately, today you can save your time by using essay.online services that will help you create an application perfect for getting funded for your education. As a rule, these grants cover not only the expenses for studying but also costs of living and some funds for personal usage. And so you will be able to save some money for your trips more easily.

Plus, when you get a scholarship, you also get a visa that allows you to travel across the country and visit other countries as well. For example, if you get funded to study at the University of Barcelona, you get a Schengen visa which opens you the doors to the bigger parts of Europe.

Tips You Need to Know to Travel in Europe

Use your free time

As a student, you have at least a couple of free days per week and summer and winter vacations. If you organize your time properly, you can visit main European destination within a couple of months. The secret is to aim spending weekends abroad.

Of course, it will be better to fly to the destinations, if you have limited time for travels. It will take you a couple of hours to get to the country or city of your dream by plane, but if you prefer to travel by car or train, you would spend too much time.

If you get a scholarship for a couple of semesters, you will also get holidays. One or two weeks will be great for a trip to Scandinavian countries or hiking across Balkans.

Wherever you go becomes a part of you somehow.

Save on tickets

Many students face a problem of money when it comes to travels. For most of them, this problem is so tough that they decide not to travel at all. However, if you study in Europe, you may save some money if you prepare for your trip in advance.

A great thing is that you needn’t buy tickets in a couple of months to save money. WizzAir and RyanAir offer a huge number of options to different destinations at affordable prize. To save even more money, you are to pay attention to the following tricks:

  • Choose countries that don’t require a visa. If you study in the country that belongs to Schengen zone, the options for you are various.
  • Travel with a backpack. The cheapest tickets on WizzAir and RyanAir have limits on your luggage. You can take only a backpack, otherwise, you need to pay for your luggage.
  • Make use of promo codes. Subscribe to the newsletters or join Facebook groups to get current information about promos and the cheapest flights.

Use Couchsurfing

Many students would like to save some money on living while traveling. Fortunately, today this problem can easily be solved with Couchsurfing.

Couchsurfing is the platform where you can find a place to stay for free. People from all around the world use this option to travel even to the most expensive countries and meet new people.

It will be better to choose the hosts who have been using Couchsurfing for a long time, and those who have the best feedbacks. There is always a chance that you will meet a person who will not only give you a shelter for the period of your stay but will also show you the city.

The best thing about it is that you need to pay nothing for that.

Become an exchange student

If you have got a scholarship for studying abroad, it does not mean that you cannot apply for becoming an exchange student. There are programs that last only a couple of weeks. Therefore, you will be able to visit another country and live with a family.

Apply for volunteer programs

Volunteering is really one of the best ways to travel around the world and pay less money. If you have already moved to Europe to get an education, you can check for the volunteering opportunities as well. First of all, you won’t need to pay for tickets again, and secondly, you already have all necessary documents to live in this country or travel across Schengen zone.

You should always pay attention whether the volunteering program is free for joining. The matter is that there are various options where you need to pay additionally for participation. If you cannot afford yourself such expenses, always check free opportunities.

Should the travels be the most attractive for you, you still need to remember that scholarship was given to you for getting an education first on all. Therefore, you need to find a way to combine travels and studying in such a way, so you succeed in both. 

There is no doubt that travel is a key element to a well-rounded education. The things you learn from being immersed in a foreign culture can never be fully reproduced in a traditional classroom, and your experiences on the road will be invaluable to you. Take some time to explore the world, learn, and expand your horizons while still working towards graduation! Who says travel and education have to be separate adventures?


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