5 of The Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Europe

Europe is one of the most diverse and significant travel destinations in the world with countless beautiful places to visit and explore. With so much beauty in one compact space, however, it is difficult to narrow down the options to make a realistic travel itinerary but as soon as you have, it’s important that you click here to secure sufficient travel insurance for your trip. Unless you’ve got unlimited time and resources, it’s highly unlikely that you can see it all in one trip. However, sorting out the most beautiful places to visit in Europe is a task that must be completed with care. Let’s look at five of the most beautiful places to add to your European travel itinerary.

Beautiful Places to Visit in Europe

Beautiful Places to Visit in Europe: Vienna, Austria

Vienna is one of the most culturally rich cities in the entire European continent. If both natural and manmade beauty is what you are after, then put this city at the top of your list this year.

Vienna is immensely popular with tourists for its plethora of museums, historic buildings, unique architectural designs, and stunning natural landscapes. There is a good reason why Mozart, Beethoven, and Freud all made Vienna their home city.

Beautiful Places to Visit in Europe: Venice, Italy

Many people have a good idea of what Venice looks like thanks to its popularity in film and in print.

The famous waterways of the city make for a truly unique visual experience that no other place on Earth can offer.

Surprisingly, there are still places where you can walk on foot in the city. Enjoy the historic buildings and the distinct Italian designs when you are finished exploring the city by gondola.

Beautiful Places to Visit in Europe: Greek Islands

Beautiful Places to Visit in Europe

There is a good chance that you have already seen the stunning photographs of the coastline of the Greek Islands. With azure blue water and stunning architecture lining each island, you are sure to be amazed at the visual spectacle.

Accessible by ferry from nearby Athens, you need to add one of the Greek Islands to your bucket list. You will come for the beauty but stay for the food and warm hospitality of the locals.

Beautiful Places to Visit in Europe: Lapland, Finland

For something a little bit colder but no less visually stunning, check out Lapland in the Finnish north.

When you are up this high, the landscape looks a bit different yet beautiful. With snow-crusted forests and vast expanses of wilderness, you are sure to be inspired with a sense of wonder.

If you stay up a bit later, you can also catch a look at the famous Northern Lights in the sky. This natural spectacle always impresses tourists who are unfamiliar with the unique beauty of northern spaces.

Beautiful Places to Visit in Europe: Bayreuth, Germany

While this city might only be known by opera lovers around the world, it is one of the hidden gems that Germany has to offer.

Bayreuth is home to many fantastic tourist attractions that are great for inspiring you to find beauty in small places. The city features a UNESCO cultural site in its historic opera house which once featured famous composers such as Richard Wagner.

Beyond the opera house, however, the whole city takes its aesthetic considerations seriously. Like many other German villages and cities, the main square of the city is paved entirely with cobblestone. If you have never seen a truly Bavarian town before, then be sure to add Bayreuth to your travel list.

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Even if you check off all of these places on your list, there will always be more things to see on your next European adventure.

With beautiful cities and natural landscapes in virtually every country on the continent, you cannot go wrong regardless of where you choose to go.

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