5 Ways to Get Ready Fast in the Morning & Still Look Fantastic

There are mornings when you’re forced to a make a decision: 1. look fantastic or 2. get out the door hoping you appear somewhat presentable. But with a few tweaks to your morning routine, you don’t have to choose. You can prepare for the day looking fab — and on time — by just adopting any of the following get-ready-fast hacks.

5 Ways to Get Ready Fast in the Morning & Still Look Fantastic

Sleep Matters

Have you ever heard the saying, “I’ll sleep when I’m dead.”? Well, if you don’t sleep, you’ll also look dead — and suffering through your day like a zombie is no way to live your best life.

Starting the day off right actually starts the night before when you decide to hit the sheets. Waking up sleep deprived? You’re likely to hit the snooze button (repeatedly) and eventually rush not-so-fabulously out the door. Olay reminds us that skipping out on those ZZZs contributes to puffy eyes, sagging skin, and wrinkles. So if you’re a night owl, revamp your nightly routine to wake up feeling rested and looking refreshed.

Let Your Eyes Do the Talking

Eyelash extensions dramatically brighten your eyes, instantly giving you that sultry glam factor without applying a full face of makeup. Why not invest in eyelash extensions, and you’re investing in more time. For what? More time to conquer the world, of course. With lashes, you also get to skip the step of removing eye makeup later on in the day. You no longer have to fight mascara residue, eyeliner smudges, and eyeshadow remnants. If you’re wondering “where can I buy eyelash extensions?”, it’s easy to find a plethora of styles online.

Lay Off the Shampoo

W Magazine emphasizes that “healthy locks actually require less washing” according to celebrity hairstylist Jennifer Yepez, who recommends to not wash hair for two to three days. This means you can bypass shampooing/conditioning in the shower, blow drying, styling and any finishing touches.

On the days need a quick pick-me-up to shake out any bedhead or post-workout hair, apply dry shampoo or texturizing/thickening spray to revive your locks and create some volume. To minimize maintenance, even more, chat with your hair stylist to find a cut that works in favor of your hair’s natural texture.

Be OK With Being Basic

If your closet is an everyday source of stress, then your wardrobe needs an overhaul. Start by simplifying your wardrobe — if you trim down your closet to functional basics that you love to wear, you trim down the time it takes to put together an outfit.

A new closet-reduction methodology is called the “capsule wardrobe,” created by Caroline Rector of Unfancy. A capsule collection is a set number of carefully curated, versatile and quality pieces that only change by mindfully shopping once a season.

Check out the five-step approach to building your wardrobe and inspirational capsule pieces by Who What Wear. With a narrowed, yet strategic closet, “I have nothing to wear” will leave your vocabulary and you’ll dress with assurance and extra time to spare.

Morning Mantra

The best way to look fabulous is to feel fabulous, and that comes from more than your makeup, hair or clothes. To embrace your truly amazing self, chant a mantra that reminds you of your grace and unique greatness. A quick pep talk to yourself in the mirror can transform how you feel on the inside, which impacts how you look on the outside: a positive, confident, empowered, strong and beautiful woman. And it literally takes less than a minute to cultivate that amazing vibe.


photo source: pexels + giphy

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