6 Ways Poor Sleep Can Sink Your Relationship

6 Ways Poor Sleep Can Sink Your Relationship

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“It is in your best interest to avoid sleep debt, otherwise be prepared to pay both the DEBT and the INTEREST!” ― Stan Jacobs

When it comes to things in life we cherish, our relationships hit the top tiers of our lists. If you are fortunate enough to have a partner in life that shares your dreams and hopes for the future, how you treat each other is important. As much as we wish that being in love was easy it isn’t, so every chance we get to make our love lives smoother, we’ll take it.

But what if we are suffering from insomnia, or our mattress leaves our necks and backs in constant pain, there is no doubt that the spinoff of your pain has a great possibility of turning into irritability towards others, including your partner. You may want to find out why you are having trouble sleeping and if all medical reasons are ruled out, look at your mattress. There are several quality manufacturers out there like Saatva that have a wide variety of mattress options.

6 Ways Poor Sleep Can Sink Your Relationship

1. Less sex

Just one night of poor sleep can reduce our chances of having sex. If you haven’t had much sleep you are tired, possibly irritable, and not very healthy physically or mentally. Research published in the Dartmouth Undergraduate Journal of Science showed that poor sleep can result in an increase in cortisol levels nearly 50%, which results in higher stress.

Stress greatly rattles our ability to sleep. We are sure quite a few readers remember tossing and turning the night before the job interview or a big exam. When you are stressed you don’t sleep, and you don’t want to have sex.

2. Less than beautiful

Actually, when you start to lose sleep, your attractiveness declines right along with your slumber. This goes for both genders. We want to be attracted to our partners and when we aren’t it has a significant effect on our relationship.

In no way are we advocating changing yourself to please your partner. We are all beautiful the way we are but let’s be honest. If your love had bags under their eyes, was grumpy all the time, and falling asleep during important conversations odds are you would find them less attractive. So, it’s only fair if you are suffering from a lack of sleep that you have these unattractive qualities.

Don’t fear if we are correct. This can all be corrected with a good night’s sleep.

3. Less than decisive

Sleep is important when it comes to our brains, so if we are deprived our minds aren’t working up to speed and decision making could be impaired. Decisions, and making good ones, are as critical to keeping peace in our relationship as sleep is to making good decisions. If you avoid important issues because you are tired, this could lead to arguments and those turn into fights if we aren’t careful.

4. Less than happy

Who’s happy when they haven’t rested well? No one that’s who. So, if you are not getting the eight hours required every night it’s no wonder you might find your partner irritating or the two of you have been at odds lately. Research indicates that partners who don’t suffer sleep disorders are more cheerful for the most part.

So how are you, or anyone else able to maintain a healthy relationship if you are not in a healthy place mentally? Sleep deprivation is serious to a great deal in our lives, especially the important ones like relationships.

5. Less satisfied

We spoke about fighting but feel it’s worth a second mention because constant conflict is more than enough to shatter the strongest relationships. We are only human after all. No one wants to be with someone who is stressed, tired, and angry all the time. Yet, if we can’t get a full night’s worth of sleep, this is where we are headed.

It’s also been discovered that subjects who had suffered sleep deprivation had a more difficult time resolving their conflicts. This inability to fix problems is a problem and harmful to budding and long-standing relationships alike.

6. Less playful

Couples who laugh together stay together. Somehow humor eases the relationship stress, even if you are laughing when you disagree. If you are lacking in a sense of humor, then troubles can arise. Most people state that the ability to laugh is the one thing they want in a potential partner and there are couples who have battled possible strife with comedy.

If you are not sleeping well how can anyone expect you to be fun? Plus, our brains are tired when we don’t rest well and the ability to come up with funny banter or wisecracks lessens greatly.

It is important to sleep well through the night. It has an impact not only on our relationships with others. It affects our relationship with ourselves.

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Poor Sleep Can Sink Your Relationship


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