5 Things You Can Do Today to Change Your Life and Be Happier

Change Your Life and Be Happier

“Do not set aside your happiness. Do not wait to be happy in the future. The best time to be happy is always now.” ― Roy T. Bennett

If you feel like you are stuck in life and you really need a change right now and feel happier, here are five things you can do to start transforming your life, starting today:

5 Things You Can Do Today to Change Your Life and Be Happier

1. It’s Time to Declutter Your Life

Decluttering your living space will help you to get the clarity about things you really want in your life, where are you wasting your money (think of all those things bought but never used?) or making good investments (all those fashion items, books and other stuff that you are using on a daily basis  or very often), give you an opportunity to make somebody else happy (stuff you don’t use you can decide to gift to someone who will use them or donate to charity), and also give you a chance perhaps to earn some money (if you decide it is time to sell something you no longer use). It will also save you time in searching things every day and it will make you feel like your life is “in order”.

2. Donate to Charity

Whether it is money or old items you do not use, donating to those in need will make you feel better in an instant, no matter how much our life seems to be dull at the moment. Even if you are happy right now, the charity will make you a little bit happier (scientifically proven!). By giving others we feel good about ourselves, we feel like we can contribute to creating the world a better place, we feel like we are making a difference, and like we are wealthy (otherwise, how can we give what we don’t have?).

“Whenever you are feeling helpless, help someone!” (Aung San Suu Kyi)

3 Tell Your Loved Ones How Much You Care About Them 

Reach out to every single person you care about the most and tell them how much their love, presence, and support mean to you. We sometimes miss to tell this because of the pride, our ego, or for being afraid to get vulnerable, but it is the essential step to improve and deepen our relationships. If you are not very good “with words” you can write letters, cards, or an e-mail.

4. Feed Your Mind With More Positive Things

Invest in yourself. Meditate. Read. Eat healthy food. Drink water. Move your body. Spend time in nature. Rest up. You are worthy

In the world where we are exposed to so much negative news, comments, behavior… that it is very easy to start going down to “Negative Nancy Lane”. Feed your mind with positive, encouraging thoughts: read more articles like this one, watch inspirational documentaries and YouTube videos, read motivational books, attend more motivational workshops and webinars, surround yourself with positive messages, work with a life coach, hang out with positive people with good sense of humour and those who believe in you and who also have big dreams for yourself. Do more things that make you laugh and bring you joy.

5. Work With a Coach

Working with a coach can be a true life changing experience as you will have an expert who has been there, done that in the past and who will guide you to achieve your goals and make positive changes in your life, and do so much faster than if you would try to make it work on your own. You will not need to learn on your own mistakes and you will not waste more of your money and time. You will get the needed clarity, strategy, tools, actions steps and soon to guide you and motivate you throughout your entire journey!  Depending on the change you want to see manifest in your life, you can decide to work with a life coach, business coach, dating coach, health coach, fitness coach…

Remember, if you change nothing, nothing will change! So, start making positive changes in your life today, because one year from now, you will wish you’ve started today!