7 Little Habits of a Happy Person

Be Happy Now
I have a good friend Timmy who seems to always be in the mood for dancing, laughing and doing something outrageously fun and memorable. He is always imaginative, easygoing and never holds grudges. He seems to me the happiest person in the world. His personality ignites the atmosphere and makes it welcoming, warm and joyful whenever he walks in a room! The turbulence of his happiness is enormous. And his smile and laugh are naturally highly contagious. He is a kind of person you love to spend time with and always look forward to seeing him again. But how does he do it? What is the secret of his happiness?

Is this state of happiness something Timmy can teach at school? If yes, count me in to attend his class. Because my friend really has something to share…

7 Little Habits of a Happy Person

1. Disregard People’s Opinions of You

If somebody shares an opinion and it doesn’t feel like it is in harmony with you – that’s fine. It’s JUST an opinion. It doesn’t mean you have to adopt it as yours. No. From the moment you are born until this very moment – your system of beliefs is forming. Some are limiting and some are liberating. EVALUATE. Their opinion has NOTHING to do with your system of beliefs. You and only you are the ones to decide whether to take something as THE ONLY SOURCE OF TRUTH in respect of someone else’s opinion.

People take different roads seeking fulfilment and happiness. Just because they’re not on your road doesn’t mean they’ve gotten lost. ― Dalai Lama XIV

Be free from opinions and someone else’s limiting beliefs.

Opinions are like seasons – they constantly change. It’s your life. And I wish for you to make the most of it.

2. Filter Your Thoughts

Filter Your Thoughts – They Become Your Reality. If you thought about something that would make you laugh, imagine what difference it would make in you day? I have a set of funny and feel good memories just for this occasion. I’m using those memories as little anchors to keep me in a good mood and bring some happiness when required. Think about your anchors of happiness. What is it that you can use?

3. Love The Skin You Are In. Respect Your Body

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The body we have now is the only body we can have. Period. We have to make the most of it. We have to keep it clean, healthy and happy. Exercise, energise and treat it with love, care and respect. In this case, you will be rewarded with health, well-being and a general state of joy. Be grateful for what you have now.

4. Refrain From Judging People and Yourself

The truth is, we would never be able to understand other people’s lives and feelings from their perspective. The things they did and the reasons why they did them. Everyone goes through life making countless mistakes. But it’s ok. We all came here to learn. Don’t judge yourself or people around you. It’s a waste of time.

If you judge people, you have no time to love them – Mother Teresa

5. Give Your Love. Stop Aiming For Changing Them

Love people around you. Love them with all the flaws you see. Love them for every grace you admire them for. Don’t try to change people so they can fit into the image you’ve crafted for them in your mind. It never works. See them for what they really are. Not worse or better than they are. Give them your love and express it extensively.

6. First Give And Then… You Shall Receive

It’s fairly simple. This rule reminds me of an Australian boomerang. What you throw out there will most certainly return to you. What goes around, comes around. The things that you give, you shall receive.

7. Don’t Over Think. Live and Be Happy

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When I think of it closely it reminds me of my cousin. She is highly intelligent with every emotion and though marked and placed in the library of her mind right where it belongs.

I never knew someone as organised as she is. Her favourite hobby is analysis. Which would have been good if only it didn’t drive the whole family nuts! She can sit and read for hours getting an intel on things around her life instead of living it. She analyses everything! People, her thoughts, the balance in the world’s problems… She blows problems out of proportion which causes her great stress. She hardly ever smiles. In fact, I don’t remember seeing her with a broad smile on her beautiful young face…

Life is for the living. If you have a habit of over-thinking – let it go. Feel free, content and joyful.

In Conclusion

Timmy might be the happiest person I know today… But wouldn’t it be nice to see more people being happy and enjoying their lives here and now? No one is ever more in charge of your happiness than you. So when you wake up every morning, you have a choice to make. Choose to look forward, be happy and never look back. Your past has nothing new to say anyway…

By Lesya Li
Photo by HavingTime.com

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