8 Proven Ways to Motivate Yourself to Finish School

8 Proven Ways to Motivate Yourself to Finish School

Whether it’s a job, marriage, a relocation or a new addition to the family that interrupts your continuing education efforts, you are not alone in the struggle to get back into your school groove.

Balancing a life of academia, professional work, and family take serious skill, and any interruption can quickly toss your education efforts on the back burner. It is crucial to kick yourself back in gear and not let your past efforts go to waste. Here are the top reasons to enroll in the upcoming semester:

8 Proven Ways to Motivate Yourself to Finish School

1.  Money

Credentials equal cash. You’ve already started the investment. It’s your choice: Either lets that tuition money goes to waste or move towards making more money. The U.S. Census Bureau finds that individuals with a bachelor’s degree make on average $51,206 and those who obtain a master’s degrees or higher rack in $74,602.

2.   Competition

With enhanced schooling and knowledge, you make yourself more qualified than others fighting for the same job opportunity. Today, some employers won’t even consider candidates with less than a master’s degree, so make yourself more qualified and have a competitive edge. 

3.  Unstick Your Rut

How many of us are stuck in a dead-end job that we dread reporting to each morning? The good news is, you don’t have to. By going back to school, you can enhance your abilities to access different careers and finally turn your passion into your profession.

4.  Guilt Relief

Don’t allow yourself to feel guilty that it has taken you longer than four years to finish your degree; you’re in the majority. A whopping 40 percent of college students are continuing to work towards their degree six years after they start, compared to 36 percent who graduate in four years. The remaining 24 percent never finish their degrees. Don’t let this happen to you.

5.  Flexibility

Don’t have the time to commute to the nearest college for a night class after a long day at work? No problem. Take advantage of classes available online and work towards your degree when it works best for your schedule. For some, it’s during their lunch break at work, and for others, it’s after the kids go to bed. Either way, learning electronically can provide flexibility for your already busy schedule.

6. Go Bilingual

Love Languages

Being a bilingual job candidate boosts your resume to the top of the list. With many companies expanding their outreach to underserved populations, an employee certified in speaking multiple languages is an asset. Some courses are even available online for free or at a very low cost. According to Accredited Language Services, the top 5 languages to learn in the United States are:






7. Live Large

Finishing off your schooling will provide you with a sense of confidence that others will recognize. When you finally receive that degree, you open up endless possibilities of what your future may hold. Keep your eyes on the prize and dream big. You can achieve it.

8.  Live Longer

The CDC finds that “education may not only improve a person’s finances, it is also linked to better health habits and a longer life.” Higher education can help you to eat healthier, keep your body physically fit and enhance your ability to manage stress.

Don’t give up on reaching that milestone. If you never attained that degree or certification, it is as though the time you put into it previously didn’t matter. Accelerate your opportunities and ensure a better future by registering for that next class today, and earn the respect you deserve.

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