Are You a Yoga Show Off? Great!

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I’m not that big on the whole forum discussions/commenting thing… But the other day I was surfing and browsing the Internet trying to find some comprehensive techniques in order to be able to perform my current obsession with the Vrschikasana (scorpion pose). I prefer to study asanas first before even attempting to perform them. I research the benefits of them, then techniques.

Anyway, my attention was swept by one interesting discussion about advanced yoga asanas and how people, who, for some reason, think that they are unable to perform them and feel intimidated by those who work hard and actually do them.

Then things got even more peculiar when I took a note and wrote down 5 conclusions of the argument, and it looks like this:

  1. People who perform advanced yoga asanas are just show offs.
  2. Those people cause a great case of envy to others.
  3. Those people push away “less bendy” (whatever it means) people out of yoga practise.
  4. Who said that your ability to bend and twist any possible way makes you a better person? (this thing just cracked me up).
  5.  People who show off advanced yoga asanas are there to boost their EGO.

We are entitled to our opinions, there is no doubt about it. Though people who take the ability of the others to perform asana that they cannot perform as a personal offence are missing the point. Let’s pour some light on it, shall we?

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Are You a Yoga Show Off? Great!

1. Their Opinion Doesn’t Matter

Think about it this way. What would the world look like TODAY if people refrained themselves from doing the things they like only because someone else would feel the spark of envy and intimidation? Just picture that for a brief moment.

The thing is, we came here to learn. We came here to progress. And what others think about you and your achievements in any area of your life, is none of your concerns. Same goes to your yoga practice. It’s not about them after all. It’s about you and your own personal journey. If people choose to feel envy plunging deep into the trap of intimidation – it’s their business and decision. That’s all.

Feel good about any tiny or big achievement. You do it for your own sake, for you body and health and your general well-being.

2. Sharing the Knowledge

I appreciate my curiosity.Without it I would have been stuck in Surya Namaskar forever and wouldn’t even attempt to go any further. I appreciate all the great yogis and their performance of amazing yoga asanas. I appreciate them sharing their life experience and their profound understanding of yoga. I appreciate that they share their knowledge. Furthermore, I’m sure there is absolutely no intention to make me feel intimidated by any of that.

3. Motivation & Inspiration

When I see a beautiful asana performed by a fellow yogi, I feel inspired instantly. I believe that if one person is able to perform something as sophisticated as this, so can I. If I choose to follow that path, of course. And if I see someone in yoga class being able to perform something I’m not currently able to perform, I feel happy for that person. Because that person is a living inspiration to me at that moment. I choose to believe so.

4. Healthy Aspirations

No, I don’t believe that “being able to perform something sophisticated in yoga practise makes you somehow automatically better than someone else”. And what are the terms for comparison anyway? Apples and oranges situation, for sure. What advanced yoga asanas do – they sure change you. They push your limits far beyond the horizons that you set for yourself. They prove that whatever you’re aspired to achieve – you will if you want it bad enough. If you set your goal and stop feeding your fears, you will get there at the speed that is right for you.

You are the one to decide. Go far and beyond your limits. Keep pushing. YOU CAN DO IT.

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