How to Make a Difficult Decision: 7 Refreshing Ideas

How to Make a Difficult Decision: 7 Refreshing Ideas

Stay committed to your decisions, but stay flexible in your approach. – Tony Robbins 

Our life is a sum of decisions we make every day, every hour, every minute. Some decisions seem to be minor. Almost not worth of mentioning… Some decisions are so challenging that we’d rather put them off. We’d rather take a time out and catch a break.

Some decisions are downward overwhelming. Shall I get a new job? Shall I apply for a promotion? Shall I move to a new country? Shall I go back to University? Time ticks and the more we put off making a decision, the more paralysed we feel. It’s as if we are tip-toeing in fear of making a mistake.

When we spend time day dreaming and thinking continuously whether we need to make a decision or not, we don’t realise how harmful it is to do NOTHING at all.

We can sit there and stare at the ceiling dreaming of a better life we could have if only we took some action. We sit and wait for our future selves to show up and put some order into things. A day passes by, a week, a month… then you close your eyes “for a second” and another year flew by. And it didn’t inch you closer to your dream life… Wait, what?!

The fear of failure and lousy overthinking are not same things.

Why? Because I was too busy day dreaming pushing deadlines further and delaying taking any action at all.  Massive, deliberate action. I was thinking that someone would step up and make my decision for my life better than me. NOPE. Not going to happen, honey. And here’s what you need to do if you have same trouble making decisions as I did…

Bad habits are like a comfortable bed, easy to get into, but hard to get out of. – Unknown

How to Make a Decision: 7 Refreshing Ideas

1. Research

Set some time aside and think about it. Give your complete focus to it. Think about strategies and priorities. What skills do you need in order to be more efficient? What things do you need to consider the most?

Do. Your. Research.

No one will do it for you. Only your diligence and commitment to your goal will make things happen in reality. It’s up to you, really. Enrich your arsenal of knowledge with fresh information on the subject. The more you learn, the less you fear whatever you fear to achieve. Everything seems more real, more possible, when you learn about it.

But don’t overthink it. Listen to your instincts. And take action.

2. How excited are you?

So how excited are you about the decision you signed up to make? Do you see the picture from different angles? How does it look like?

How does it feel like? Keep your mind in a positive state and get really excited about your decisions.

3. Trust yourself

Don’t talk too much about it to every single person around you. People don’t see things the way you see them… Sure, some people in your life are older and wiser and they can give you a great peice of advice… But some people are there to refrain you from making a decision on your own due to their own limiting beliefs… They have different motivations for that… This is your life to live and you are the one who should make decisions. Not other people for you…

4. How does it contribute to your life’s purpose?

Imagine the outcome and how it feels to BE THERE already.

The other day during a meditation I had a clear vision of the place I where want to be and I felt the emotional state that I would attribute to that vision. I felt a strong sense of connection. For a brief moment it felt so real… I wish I had the words to describe that sensation. Then a thought came along with a sound of a familiar, reassuring voice:  “Don’t worry, this picture, this moment already exists in your reality map”. I was overwhelmed by that. It was unexpected. The vision was so beautiful and real.

Simple things like that got me fired up and motivated… A spark of hope. And away I went to craft my future… And trust me, now I see my goal even clearer and I will not rest until I get there.

5. What Could the Outcome Be?

Whatever the outcome might be, be ready to take responsibility. Now think about this.What were the outcomes of all the difficult decisions you took in the past? Were they up to your satisfaction? Which things didn’t turn out that well? Which things turned out better than you expected?

How will this decision  affect your life? Will it affect the life of your partner or your kids? Think about this. Be prepared.

6. How do you know if it will work out?

There is no way of telling how the future will turn out exactly. What is left for us to do then? We follow our calling. That’s what we do. No matter how big the echelon of fears may cross our path. Ask yourself one thing: How proud will you be after you make THIS decision?

7. Be confident as a new path taker.

Be confident in your ability to make a desision that matters, that can change your life for the better. No decisions lead to no actions… No actions lead to no changes. No changes lead to stagnation and a complete sense of an unfulfilled life and a missed opportunity to use your rich and unlimited potential!

Let some fresh air into your life. Make a change by making a mindful decision to introduce your ideas of a better life into your reality map.

Trust your instinct, trust your heart – it’s the best compass you have.

In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity. – Albert Einstein 


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