Best 10 Jobs for People Who Want to Change the World

For your world to change, you have to change. For anything to improve, change is inevitable. Yet most people loathe change. In today’s world, there are some important issues that need to be addressed and changed. Dealing with sensitive matters requires a burning desire and a willing heart. It’s time we started using our superpowers otherwise known as talents to solve these issues instead of praying and hoping for things to get better on their own. If you want to make the world a better place, here are ten of the best careers that change the world.

Best 10 Jobs for People Who Want to Change the World

President or politician

Becoming a president is a big goal for some to even imagine yet, it’s not impossible. It’s among the best jobs that change the world.

Countless people have risen from rural areas and became presidents of large nations. If others can do it, you can do it too. Nothing is impossible.

Presidents of leading nations in the world have the power and the necessary resources to change the face of the world. If you want to solve big problems like terrorism, environmental issues, and security, this is the ideal job for you.

Investigative journalist

An investigative journalist, as the name suggests, travels to dangerous areas around the world to report untold stories. In most instances, they risk their lives when they go to these areas. The areas could be hunger stricken or controlled by terrorists and extremists. If the world gets to know what is happening, action will be taken and many lives will be saved.


In most cases, government officials create policies and rules that will not help any citizen in the long run. The work of a lobbyist is to go through sociology term paper topics and influence government officials to change such policies and help the ordinary citizen. Most government officials tend to forget where they came from time to time. A lobbyist reminds them of this fact regularly.

Being a lobbyist is one of the jobs that can change the world for the better.

Human rights activist

Have you realized how people’s rights are violated by their superiors?

It’s time to take back control by becoming a human rights activist. A human rights activist advocates for the rights of the poor or the voiceless in the community by reaching out directly to those misusing their power or holding peaceful demonstrations.


Wars are devastating to everyone including journalists who pay for essay. They affect the rich and the poor in society. The social and economic well-being of any country suffers due to wars. When we work together, great things happen. Countries that work together, prosper together. Everyone values peace in their lives. The work of a diplomat is to enhance unity between countries and prevent future wars from outbreaking. 

Grant Writer

Do you love writing? Then you can certainly change the world! Grant writers are important in any country because they help researchers and institutions get funded easily by donors by writing persuasive grant proposals.

For any country to move ahead, research needs to be conducted for people to come up with solutions. For solutions to be implemented, resources are needed. Without grant writers, no country can move ahead.

Humanitarian aid worker

There are areas that are prone to natural calamities such as earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanic eruptions that leave thousands of people lives devastated.

A humanitarian aid worker visits such places to offer a wide range of humanitarian services.

It could be counseling, teaching or nursing the wounded. Helping other people is the best thing you can do.

Intelligence analyst

Intelligence analysis involves detecting and stopping any dangerous acts before they happen. An intelligence analyst prevents acts that could lead to mass destruction such as incoming wars, human trafficking, abuse of illegal drugs and other threats that might threaten the security and well-being of a country.

Director of philanthropy

Philanthropy is defined as giving back to society. Directors of philanthropy are people who manage trusts and foundations by spending money on projects that have the potential changing people’s lives on a massive scale. They determine how much money will be needed to eradicate Ebola in West and Central Africa or help the youth in Sudan for instance.

This is one of the best jobs that make the world a better place. Directors of philanthropy are well paid.


Music is medicine to the soul. No one can survive without listening to any form of music.

Through music, musicians can voice their ideas and opinions openly. Since most musicians are celebrities and have a huge following, they can easily drive change. If you can sing and love singing, what are you waiting for? Start developing your music career today.

Ten years from now, you could be amazed by the changes you bring to this world. The better your music is, the higher you earn.


With these jobs, you’ll get a huge chance to change the face of the world by tackling serious issues affecting most people around the world. If you do not fit well in any of the jobs discussed above, you still have an opportunity to make the world a better place wherever you are. Start with what you have to get to where you want to be.

Remember, every change starts with a dream.

Dreamers are the only people who make this world a better place. If you are reading this article, you are probably one of them. The future is bright for you.  

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