Getting Things Done Even if You Don’t Feel Like It

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The secret to getting ahead is getting started. –  Mark Twain

We strive to finish something important when in mid air comes a sense that YOU DON’T FEEL LIKE DOING IT. It happens to the best of us – you, me and probably even the most motivated person on Earth – Oprah Winfrey! We have all been there facing the list of things to do when we didn’t feel like doing any of them. At times, it feels like you don’t even want to think about that bundle of tasks…And the time is ticking, the pile becomes even bigger and we still don’t feel like doing it.

At times like this, it’s irrelevant how motivated we normally are. Something insistently pushes us off the cliff into the chasm of “ignorance and bliss” of procrastination where we are happy to do just about anything (spend too much time on Pinterest, check the endless flow of updates on Facebook engaging in pointless jibber-jabber… you name it). Trust me, I’ve been there far too many times.

Sometimes I would find myself in such a deep swamp that hardly ever it seemed real to get out, and that’s even before I would dare to think about introducing some positive changes into my life. But it’s not as hopeless as it seems and we can yank ourselves out of that state.

Getting Things Done Even if You Don’t Feel Like It

1. One Plate at a Time

Have you ever had a clay pigeon shooting experience? You are familiar with the concept – when you only concentrate on and aim at one plate at a time. If all the plates were in the air simultaneously – it would have been impossible to shoot them all at once.

Same with TO DO LIST. Sometimes you have just way too many things to consider. And while you run your busy life trying to tackle all things at once (which is impossible) it drains your energy dry. You feel swamped. That is why it is beneficial to focus on one goal at a time for this time being and give your focus to it completely. Meaning that if your focus has been distorted lately, concentrate on one goal at a time. And then, with a sense of accomplishment, feel free to move on to the next thing on the list.


2. Inspiration, Excitement, Anticipation

These three things in a blend make a perfect fuel that skyrockets our motivation to do just about anything!

When I don’t feel like exercising, although I understand that it makes me feel better and happier, I would go and get some inspiration by looking at new exercises to introduce into my routine. Then I would feel the excitement of trying something new. And thereafter comes anticipation to see the benefits of my new routine and an improvement of my overall well-being.

Whenever you apply this formula – it works every time.

3. Motivation Booster

If I know anything about motivation, this is the main fact – motivation is not a permanent thing set in stone. Motivation is like a wave in the ocean. It comes and goes.

In order to keep its level high, concentrate on the benefits of accomplishing one thing at a time from your list. Don’t waste your creative mental energy on thinking about the difficulties that you might come across. Think about positive outcomes and what sort of value an accomplished task might bring.

When I don’t feel like exercising, I ask myself about the benefits I get in return. Once the list of benefits is settled down, I just go and start small, really small, and then I build upon those tiny accomplishments. And any completed task reinforces me to go further down the list.

Talk to your trusted friends. Get your support team ready. They probably have a couple of handy tricks that keep them motivated in their daily life. Get as much insight as possible and then pick the ideas that look appealing to you. Keep yourself motivated.

4. Does Anyone Ever Feel LIKE DOING SOMETHING out of their comfort zone?!

Have you ever wondered what pushes you out of your cozy warm bed in the morning into the cold and bright day? What pulls you out of bed?

Some people call it a “creative kick” in the butt. Some people call it a morning boosting motivation. Whatever that is – it is the same kicking energy that pushes us out of our comfort zone where life offers us a million opportunities every day. All we need to do is to cross the line and come out of our comfortable shell.

Sometimes we cannot kickstart doing things from the list because of the fear. Especially when we fear to fail miserably at something (I am certainly familiar with the feeling).

I was so afraid of doing anything outside of my comfort zone that I ended up sitting down doing nothing which eventually became absurd. And now I’d rather try and fall flat on my face knowing that I’ve tried then to sit and stare in the face of my irrational fear of failure that is so eager to pickle me in its jar. Somehow I needed to rewire my mind and tightly connect actions with pleasure rather than pain which I was so afraid of.

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I want a fit body, but do I FEEL LIKE exercising deliberately?! Of course not. And I am not here to deny that. And it’s okay not to feel like it. But when we need results – we are never going to find them in the kingdom of stillness.

Starting with simple tasks gives a good feeling and brings along more energy to go even further.

Any accomplishment, any satisfaction derives from ACTION. Yes, we need to force ourselves. And at first we don’t like it. But there is no better feeling, than the feeling of accomplishment that makes you proud of yourself. And it’s okay to give yourself a little nudge, a little push. One thing at a time. One step at a time. One accomplishment after another.

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