A Good Reminder to Help You Cope With Bad Days in Life

“We all have problems. The way we solve them is what makes us different.” – Unknown

The life of ups and downs doesn’t like to change its rhythm. It wouldn’t change its rhythm. A fact that we have been told since the very beginning. A fact that has been proven with every year and every era. A fact that we were told to try and cope with it and we did cope. For some time we did know how to accept these changes. We did learn how to be happy on bright days and patient on the dull ones.

We did learn but the human brain and heart have the power to fascinate you with forgetting. Such a blessing when you think of how it allows you to feel the rush of new things or the ecstasy of dealing with something or someone you haven’t dealt with in a while. The ecstasy that comes once you forgot how good that thing feels.

But forgetting also has the power to hurt you. When you forget the lessons you’ve learned. When you forget what it takes to be patient or what it takes to avoid some miseries.

A Good Reminder to Help You Cope With Bad Days in Life

If you’re searching for that One person who will change your life…

The life of ups and downs refuses to give up on its rhythm but surprises you with the frequency of such rhythm. You never know how long it’d take for the good days to end but you know that your happiness won’t last. You never know how long it’d take for the bad days to end but you are sure deep down in your heart that they’ll end.

Sure only until your certainty is tackled with life’s circumstances. Sure only until your strength is tested. Sure only until the clouds do not seem to break. Until the sun is something you can no longer see.

It’s on those days that we tend to give up, to lose hope, to give in and not even feel guilty.

It’s on those days that we’re also begging for help, even if we are not letting the world know. We usually beg for help even if secretly. For someone to knock on our door, to give us a call, to even pat on our backs for God sakes and to tell us what we seem to have forgotten. That the bad days will end. That we need to believe in ourselves more. That we have been there before. That we will survive one more time. That we will be saved.

However, you see as much as having people and factors to help you in life is quite crucial, part of the downs in life is that sometimes even such factors wouldn’t work. Part of the downs is that sometimes such factors may even not be available.

You are on your own.

Take control of your consistent emotions and begin to consciously and deliberately reshape your daily experience of life


You are on your own and this could be the greatest gift you were ever given if you forced yourself to remember. To remember that this is your life and you are entitled to fix everything happening in your life. You are responsible for fixing what has been broken even if what broke was you. In fact, especially then.

I sometimes think of our life as a series of fixing mistakes we didn’t make and taking the punishment for sins that were done by other people. And when we break by someone or by life, we ironically wish that life could just get us fixed.

So, believe me when I tell you that I know what it feels like to know you don’t deserve the pain you’re feeling and sometimes to refuse to react to it as a sign of rebellion. But see there if you don’t try to heal your pain it is still you who will get hurt the most. This is why you must realize that life wouldn’t always get you fixed, but that it’s all on our shoulders now.

This is something you need to remember on bad days, that it’s on your shoulders. That you are responsible for the bad days in your life, not necessarily for why they happened but for how they can change you.  For how you should move on beyond them.

You are still responsible for your life, even on the bad days. Even when you feel too weary to take any action.

And I know what too weary means. I myself was just there. I just grabbed myself out of this exhausted state. I did because I remembered how when one wants to give up, how this is his life he’s giving up. How we sometimes forget about this and think of giving up as some game with no consequences.

But it has consequences and you may not find someone who will tell you that and you must say that to yourself.

I never knew how strong I was until I had to forgive someone who wasn’t sorry and accept an apology I never received

We do not know what paths we will trod in life. We do not know when we will have to take a certain turn willingly or unwillingly. Most of the times I believe that no one has it figured out. We are all just stumbling around except that sometimes, just sometimes, we know exactly what we are doing with our lives and we shall spend our whole lives looking for those moments, spreading our hands hoping that someday we could recognize them again.

So, when life treats you well be grateful and plan to make it better or to work as hard as possible to keep it as it is. But when life shows you another face that you don’t favor please don’t forget to be wise and please, choose to take responsibility for your actions.

If you want to stay in bed and do nothing and you are sure that this is what you want but not what you think is your only option, then it’s fine give yourself time to grief.

But if you want to surrender because you think it’s none of your business to fight back, then please get up. Fight back. This is your life, your identity, your strength, your power, your vivacity and your proof that you exist, you didn’t disappear so please do not let this be taken away from you.

Please don’t just sit around but rather spread your hands and you shall recognize the good times again.

Please, on the bad days, remind yourself that you have to survive this and that you CAN survive this.


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