Hidden Reasons Why We Suck at Getting What We Want

how to get what you want in life

“Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen,” – Michael Jordan

 Do you ever wonder why you’re not getting what you want? Maybe it’s the job, the relationship, the money, the passion, the excitement, or the love?

Well, here’s the good news – you’re not alone. This is something many of us struggle with on a constant basis.

I am here to tell why these limiting beliefs are blocking you off from getting what you want and how to begin confronting and combating them.

Four Reasons You’re Not Getting What You Want

 1. You’re Stuck in The Past

Your past is where the confusion lies. It is where the stories and the messages that you hold onto or create block you off from the presence. The baggage of the past harbors feelings of insecurity, unworthiness, lack, and uncertainty. This all brews the notion that you should not get what is you want. You stay settled and comfortable in situations and circumstances that do not bring any joy or passion to your life.


Today, I will let go of the past.  

2. You Are a Victim to Your Current Circumstances

We all have our current circumstances. Maybe you are married. Maybe you are single. Maybe you are getting a divorce. Maybe you have a job you love or have a job you hate. Your circumstances are pieces of your life puzzle. They do not make the puzzle whole and complete. You make your puzzle whole and complete. If you are unhappy with your circumstances try and think of a way to practice gratitude even with those that make you angry or upset.

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Today I know that I am more than my circumstances.

3. You Don’t Believe in Yourself

This blockage is the mind’s way of keeping you separated. This judgment automatically separates you and keeps you distant and isolated from others. This leads to the idea of believing in yourself to feel foreign. In these moments, you must connect with your core and your true essence to combat these self-sabotaging feelings.

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I believe in myself and trust that I can do whatever I set my heart and mind to. 

4. You Forget All The Goodness You Harness Within

This is something we easily lose sight of. The goodness within is a constant in your life. It is the foundation that propels you forward. Sure it gets blocked off from time to time but it is possible to tap into it at any time you choose. This will allow for you to build that confidence and self-worth to pursue your passions and dreams. This is directly linked to getting what you want.

When you allow for the limiting beliefs to be your identity, you will not get what you want. You will doubt yourself and remain complacent.

Today, let’s make a choice to think and act differently. The limiting belief thought may come in but make it a point to act opposite. Confront these thoughts with compassion and continue moving forward and unlock the power within.

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For today, I will focus on getting what I want.

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