10 Powerful and Surprising Things You Should Say More

10 Powerful and Surprising Things You Should Say More

Where there is love there is life.  – Mahatma Gandhi

Actions may speak louder than words, but words can still have a huge impact on the people around you. It’s just as easy to say something nice as it is to say something hurtful. In fact, the hurtful words we say are the ones that stick with people the longest.

The people we love are the people we tend to hurt the most. Pride, anger, selfishness, and emotional distance are extremely detrimental to loving relationships. When we learn to break our habit of throwing our loved ones into the crossfire, our hearts and our lives will open up. Our connections with others will blossom.

If you need a gentle reminder about what people generally love and long to hear the most, perhaps the following list will be a good thing to keep in mind the next time you’re interacting with someone you love:

10 Things to Say to Your Loved Ones More Often 

1. “I’m sorry”

For some people, it takes a lot of bravery and pride swallowing to genuinely apologize. I believe that love means always having to say you’re sorry. Say you’re sorry when you disappoint. Say you’re sorry when you raise your voice or misdirect your anger. Say you’re sorry when you’re wrong. Say you’re sorry when you do or say something hurtful. Say it often and mean it always.

2. “You’re right”

You have your way. I have my way. As for the right way, the correct way, and the only way, it does not exist. – F.Nietzsche

These two simple words also take a lot of bravery and pride swallowing. When you realize that you are wrong, gently let the other person know. It will save both of you heated anger and wasted energy over something that doesn’t even matter in the grand scheme of things.

3. “You can talk to me”

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I’m the type of person who needs a great deal of encouragement before I feel comfortable enough to open up to people. If I feel like I can’t talk to someone about something, I won’t make a peep. It’s important to let people know that you’re there for them. Instead of being demanding or judgmental, be gentle, patient and encouraging towards the people who trust you with their deepest thoughts and feelings. Never judge someone you love for placing their heart in front of you.

4. “I support you”

These words are music to my ears, and I suspect they’re music to a lot of other people’s ears too. While the idea of doing whatever you want and not waiting for approval or permission is greatly celebrated, it’s still a wonderful feeling to know that you have the blessing and support of someone you love in whatever you choose to pursue in life.

5. “I forgive you”

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Love is about choosing forgiveness over and over and over again. The people you love will hurt you, and you will hurt the people you love. But we must choose to forgive each other. Holding a grudge doesn’t hurt anyone except you 

6. “Is there anything I can do to help?”

Actively offering help and support is a great way to show how much you care. We all need help, but some of us are too proud or embarrassed to ask for it. When we willingly offer our help to the people we care about, it doesn’t go unnoticed or unappreciated.

7. “Thank you”

Always show your appreciation, even for the simple things that may go unmentioned. It’s common courtesy to say thank you anyway.

8. “I am so grateful for you”

I’ve never had very high regard for therapists. I owe my health, my mental survival, to my friends and loved ones. –Salman Rushdie

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As human beings, we need to know that we matter. We need to know that there are people who truly care about us and are grateful for the role we play in their lives. Tell at least 5 people that you are grateful for them today.

9. “Let’s agree to disagree”

Just because you have a disagreement about something doesn’t necessarily mean that anyone is right or wrong. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. It’s impossible for two different people to agree on everything, so sometimes agreeing to disagree is the most peaceful and practical way to resolve an argument.

10. “I love you”

If you love someone, tell them and tell them often. However, try not to spew out these words out of habit, or you will eventually start to sound like a broken record. Instead of speaking out of habit, speak from your heart. Make sure people feel the truth behind your words.

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