How Fort Lauderdale Airport Secures Your Car While You Travel

Fort Lauderdale Airport (FLL) is located in Broward County in South Florida, 21 miles north of Miami, and three miles southwest of downtown Fort Lauderdale. Besides serving Fort Lauderdale, it serves near districts like Miami, Hollywood, Dania Beach, and Pompano Beach. It is the main hub for many major international airlines, whose travelers are likely to leave their cars behind for a long or short stay. 

How Fort Lauderdale Airport Secures Your Car While you Travel

National Parking Association Innovation Award was given to the FLL Airport in appreciation of their efforts and innovative implantations in the recent parking renovation.

The multi-million-dollar project of Fort Lauderdale Airport Parking has made a huge difference for all travelers who prefer parking their car at the airport.

On-site parking costs are set for an hourly rate of $3 and a maximum of $25 per day, including valet services. However, for budget-conscious travelers, there is a variety of reliable and safe off-site parking lots they can also choose from, with cheaper rates that include the shuttle bus drive to the departure and arrival terminals. 

Is it safe to leave your car behind at FLL Airport?

The new on-site parking is fully equipped with smart technology that has made airport parking safer against theft and accidents while providing travelers with an easy and convenient experience. 

The new FLL Airport parking site is a multi-level on-site parking complex, presenting up to twelve thousand parking spaces. They have incorporated color-coded signs indicating different airline terminals, to help drivers identify the most convenient parking location for their cars near their flight terminal. The complex is well lit and guarded by security patrols 24/7, which will ensure that you travel with peace of mind. 

If you choose the off-site parking lot at FLL Airport, make sure you pick one of the best-reviewed companies, with a solid application of the four important features to keep your car safe: availability of surveillance cameras on every corner, a well-lit parking lot, especially at night, availability of security guards 24/7, and secured parking garage gates.

What else do you need to know to keep your car safe?

No matter how secure any airport parking is, taking some extra safety measures is always a good idea for you and your car. Have you wondered before why some cars get stolen and others do not? Well, burglars have their own set of skills in anticipating valuable belongings in cars, so here are some tips to keep your car and personal belongings safe:

  • Choose your own parking spot in your chosen garage. Find the brightest spot that’s available, and try to find that well-lit spot near workers’ offices or where you can find more pedestrians, just to have someone around in case it got hit. This might also lower the chances of theft. 
  • After packing your luggage, pack the items in your car, too. Move all valuables from your car to your home. Valuables don’t always have to be jewelry, watches, and sunglasses; mind the phone chargers and the important documents you might have forgotten on the back seat. 
  • Leave your car, super empty, and it’s even better if you have the time to clean it on the inside. Burglars don’t like clean and empty cars, as they profile the driver as someone who is very aware of what is inside the car, thus, most probably, there is nothing of value that they can steal. 

When all is said and done, it is usually very safe to leave your car behind in Fort Lauderdale Airport when you’re traveling. Do keep in mind that accidents happen, but as long as you have taken all the necessary measures and made all the right decisions to avoid any incidents, you can rest assured that your car and personal belongings are safe, and get to enjoy your trip to the fullest. 

photo source | pexels 

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