How to Be Present in the Digital Age

By Calvin Niles

How to Be Present in the Digital Age

How to Be Present in the Digital Age

Are you missing precious moments in your life with those who you care about? Is device distraction stopping you from Having Time for yourself? How do you reclaim your lost human connection in the Digital Age?

The moment my son screamed, “Did you see that dad!!?” I knew I’d missed something spectacular. I raised my head, oriented myself and smiled. “Well done,” I said, as I was completely transfixed by my device. I glanced to my left and noticed that I wasn’t alone. There were other parents sat on the bench with me, all of them transfixed by their smartphones. “Phew,” my embarrassment dissipated.  But it was quickly replaced by a perfect blend of disappointment and recognition; I had been suffering from the frostbite of the Digital Winter, sleepwalking into the cold. Everywhere, I saw these digital zombies. WE are everywhere. I’ve read of the man who died on the train and going unnoticed as people went about life in a digital trance. A very sad state of affairs. But what about noticing, not death, but life?  

Be present in the moment

To be present in the moment, especially in those precious life moments, and to be more mindful with our devices, spurred my desire to create something new, something special, symbolic and purposeful. And of the highest quality. Together with my friends, we created TOME.

In this digital age, the lightning fast speed of modern technology and the instance of access has its benefits, yet our increasingly ever-present devices bear its costs.

What this has come to mean and understood to me in one sense is that there are unlimited possibilities in so many different ways with regard to human educational experiences, social connections, political knowledge of world affairs, and on and on it goes. There is no stone that has been left unturned. All of this can be extremely useful and positive, but also very frightening in another sense.

“There’s nothing wrong with social media and cell phones, it’s the imbalance…”-Simon Sinek

People now work even harder to feed their urges in pursuit of digital glory and somehow believe that their life is incomplete without cataloging every single day on their social media profile. However, it is real events that make up the true essence of well-lived life – poignant moments with a friend, giving your undivided attention to your daughter or meditating without distraction, are experiences reduced to merely “just another thing”.

In today’s world, there is so much information that is available for human consumption. It quite simply results in digital distraction and information overload in daily life but only if you allow this to happen. It is easy to become somewhat compulsive and over-indulgent with many things in our lives, but TOME helps you to guard against becoming overly saturated with today’s digital lifestyle.

I have come to know that I need to discipline myself and maintain a proper balance of what my life consists of at present.

The authentic human connection is far superior to the instant gratification of the digital version. TOME helps you be present.

Although it is easy to see the disadvantages of the world in which everyone is glued in front of their screen and perceive their lives as a series of pixels rather than face to face interaction, it is important to consider the role of the social media communication and the benefits of the digital age too. There are advantages in the world with social media, instant connectivity and satisfaction.

However, as a society, we must find the right balance between the advantages and the value of moments going forward.

As I’ve said before, my journey allowed me not just to look but also to see. Let me be clear. I love my devices; they serve me well. They are tools for the modern world for work and for play. But I am learning the value of balance and the need for balance in my life to support my own wellbeing.  

Join me on this journey to make TOME a success and rediscover the value and warmth of the human connection.


TOME is a beautifully crafted product for your home, workplace or establishment. It is a symbol that represents the power of intention to be present. TOME is designed to the highest quality, finely crafted and intuitively functional. It serves as a clear place to lock away your tech to help achieve more quality time.

Be Present.

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