How to De-Stress With Some Fun Activities

Stress negatively impacts our lives. While time helps stress pass, there are fun activities that can help alleviate stress much quicker. These activities will help with stress management and make tough situations a lot easier. Whether alone or with friends, there are certain things you can do that will improve your mental health. Having fun whilst recharging your batteries will help you achieve your goals in life as you embrace the peace of mind that comes with fun activities. 

How to De-Stress With Some Fun Activities

Escape room

Participating in an escape room is the perfect activity that will both stimulate the mind and entertain everyone that participates. If you find yourself in Iowa, Escape Room Des Moines offers a variety of different rooms for people to choose from. You have to be fast enough to solve the puzzles, crack the codes and escape the room! With only an hour to do so, it’s sure to be an hour of concentration and fun!

Rock climbing

Rock climbing is a great physical activity that reduces stress and teaches perseverance. Rock climbing can help with overcoming fears and raises the brain chemical norepinephrine, which helps people respond to stressful situations better.

Beautiful hike

📌A number of studies hint that spending time in green space—nature preserves, woodlands, and even urban parks—may ease our stress levels. Giving the growing consensus that stress contributes to high blood pressure and heart disease risk, anything you can do to mitigate stress is helpful.

Spending time outdoors is good for the mind and the heart. Depending on your location, look into some parks or trails that you can either go for a long walk on or run. Should your budget allow it, you can also travel to another country to visit some of the most breathtaking hikes on the planet!


There are various dance options you can choose from. Whether it’s ballet, jazz, tap dancing, ballroom, swing, salsa, or another, the dance will get you moving and allow for your creativity to flourish. Find a dance that is compatible with your interest and personality and take it from there. The next step is picking your dance partner. Should you not have one, fear not, you can always meet new people at the dance studio to bust a move with.

Eat chocolate

While not the obvious option, studies have found that eating dark chocolate can help alleviate stress. There are certain elements found in chocolate that have been shown to help the human brain and make people a lot happier. It does, after all, taste good. This is one of those moments where the great taste makes you feel equally good about yourself (to be eaten in moderation).

Through practicing stress-relieving activities, you can learn to control your emotions better. Maintaining emotional wellbeing requires practice, similar to how meditation is an art form that takes time to master. The same principle applies to de-stressing. Although these fun activities can improve one’s mental wellbeing, the ability to truly live in the moment of another activity takes time and patience. We need to learn to be present and live in the moment especially when we are immersed in new fun activities that will help us overcome tough times and become more emotionally resilient. 

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