How to Keep the Romance Alive When You Live Together

Having a functional and flourishing relationship takes time, dedication, patience, and effort. There are a million ways to show someone you love them and want them to be happy. These ways make a difference between a healthy and balanced relationship and the one that just, sort of… is. Because of our busy lifestyles, we often forget to make time for our partners, and making time for them should be a conscious decision. So, here are little ways in which you can show your partner that you haven’t forgotten about them and keep the romance alive, especially when you live together!

How to Keep the Romance Alive When You Live Together

Have a healthy communication

One of the most important things in a relationship is communication. When we say communication, we don’t mean the ‘How was your day’ questions and other daily things. Proper communication that helps a relationship grow depends on sharing.

People usually don’t like to complain about the things that are bothering them if the relationship is still young, but that is a mistake.

Over time, your partner will keep doing something that annoys you and not even be aware of it. You need to make sure you have shared all your pet peeves, as well as all your wishes.

Sharing both positive and negative attitudes is the key to a successful relationship. Make sure you are feeling comfortable enough to share both the good and the bad with your partner. Only then will your relationship have a chance of success. 

However, be vary that your partner does not have to know everything about you and that some things are best to keep to yourself. 

Remember to flirt

Getting in ‘a rut’ is the most common reason why the relationship eventually falls apart. You and your loved one get used to one another and take each other for granted. That can be dangerous if you forget to show affection.

Flirtation used to be an ordinary, everyday occurrence, so why not now as well? Greet your loved one on the door with nothing but a smile on you. If you are too shy for something as extreme, you can always give your partner massages, or simply hold hands while watching a movie.

In the blink of an eye, everything can change. So forgive often and love with all your heart. Take no one for granted, for you never know what tomorrow will bring.

Remember to cuddle in bed before getting up to go to work, but don’t do it because we said so. Don’t just turn it into an obligation. Do it because you want to spend time with your partner and because their smell makes you happy. Embrace them while cooking or feed each other while having dinner together. You don’t have to make big, romantic gestures to prove your love. But, by being consistent and showing a little often, will mean much more than showing up once a year with a big and expensive gift. Remember, a little goes a long way!

Surprise each other 

Speaking of a little – we said that grand romantic gestures are overrated. However, small romantic gestures are definitely still in.

Coming home from work and bringing a chocolate bar that you picked up on the way because you thought of your partner means a lot. Or, bring your loved one breakfast in bed – prepare their favorite meal and watch the excitement on their faces as they are being spoiled to oblivion.

Another awesome way to surprise someone is to have flowers delivered to their office or home. However, pace yourself. Surprises, if often repeated, become habits. You don’t want your partner expecting a romantic gesture every day, because you still need to think about yourself, too. Having to fulfill expectations can become tiring, and some days you simply won’t be in the mood. Your partner should understand that, and not expect you to always be the perfect spouse or have the most romantic ideas. 

Have date nights

Another conscious decision should be to spend time together away from the rest of your household. Even if you live alone, home is a place where you relax. Date nights are important because your partner will get to see you all dressed up and they will acknowledge your effort to look nice for them.

Even if you just go out for pizza, or to take a walk, or a bath with salts and candles together, it is a nice change in pace from seeing you in sweatpants or shorts, with messy hair. The best thing to do would be to set up one day (or more if your schedule allows it) to go out. That doesn’t have to be at a restaurant. You can go to the movies, a theatre, to a game night at your friend’s house, bowling – the possibilities are endless, and depend on your preferences.

If you have a busy schedule and your life does not allow for a fixed date night, you can always make dinner reservations for another night. Just be mindful that you have at least one date night a week. 

Take care of each other

Here, we took the broadest meaning of ‘taking care of someone’ and put it to use. Yes, take care of them when they are sick. And yes, take care of them when they are grumpy when they are tired, or overworked, or in a bad mood, or sad.

Taking care of your partner should go without saying, but somehow people often forget about that little thing. Some partners have an understanding that they can’t both have bad days. So, the one having the worse day is the winner and gets to sulk, while the other has to hold theirs in and be there for their loved one. This is a pretty fair solution, and it helps prevent unnecessary fights that have nothing to do with your partner, but the situation you are having outside of the relationship. 


Waking up next to the person you love is the best beginning of the day you can possibly get. However, to keep the love alive, you must put in some effort.

We hope that these tips helped you revive your relationship. 

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