How to Make Your Studying More Fun

Being a student often means enduring high pressures. Lots of classes, information to process, homework, deadlines, and other challenges often lead to various mental health problems such as stress, anxiety, insomnia and so forth. Does it always have to be like that? Despite a common belief, studying can become a way of relaxation. There are plenty of scientifically proven techniques that make learning routine soothing and more fun. 

Learning Smarter, Not Harder: 5 Ways to Make Studying Relaxing

Although studying alone can’t be called very relaxing, the right mix of scientifically proven techniques can really help you find relaxation in it. 


How many of you have been avoiding reading textbooks and literature assigned in the classroom? Quite often, students prefer to skip such tasks. Well, they should not. It has been proven that regular mindful reading helps reduce stress.

In 2009, the experts from the University of Sussex measured people’s stress levels before and after certain activities. In the course of study, they’ve proven that reading can reduce stress by up to 68%.

Therefore, if you want to transform studying into some kind of relaxation and fun, be sure that reading is one of the methods in your toolkit. Spending a few hours on a novel assigned in an English literature class is an effective way to avoid stress and anxiety, and feel more at ease.


We’ve heard many people complaining about the sheer abundance of written assignments during their student years. Most learners hate composing papers. However, writing can be pretty beneficial for your health and overall wellbeing.

Experts confirm that writing/journaling, especially about your feelings and thoughts, can help get relaxed. 

Of course, that might not always be the case with academic assignments. Sometimes, working on another paper can actually make you even more stressed. 

For example, when you’ve waited too long to get started and the due date is around the corner, completing an assignment in a rush won’t make you feel relaxed. In this case, it can be wise to buy a custom essay to reduce tension.

Listening to Music

If you feel like the stress level is too high, another effective technique for turning any study session into a way of relaxation is listening to music.

Studies prove that music can have a huge impact on people. It eases stress and anxiety, relieves pain, improves overall brain functioning, boosts one’s performance, improves memory, focus, and mood.

Experts insist that listening to soothing music slows down your heart rate, decreases blood pressure, and, thus, helps you calm down.

Researchers have come to the conclusion that music can have an astonishing effect on our minds and bodies. Thus, if you want to learn better and feel relaxed during each session, try turning on some calming songs, and you might be surprised by how this will transform your routine.

Alternating Activities

Focusing on a single task and working on it for hours can be extremely hard. However, if you can divide your session into smaller blocks and alternate different activities, this can make you more relaxed.

Switching your focus to a different activity is a widely-known way to manage stress. The same concept can be applied to your routine. 

Switching from writing to reading or taking a break from math to study history can really make you calmer.

Studying at Your Own Pace

Finally, it is vital to say that the best way to turn your study routine into a way of relaxation is to find your own pace. Some people can read a large book in a few days, while others may find this too stressful. 

Each of us has one’s own pace that feels comfortable, and you should discover yours to make learning relaxing!

Also, it is vital to avoid procrastination! Nothing can put as much pressure and stress on you as tasks that were not completed in time or tests for which you didn’t prepare. 

Therefore, do not put your tasks aside until the last day. Instead, work on them gradually, step-by-step, and you will feel much more relaxed.

Wrapping Up

Basing this list on the researchers’ views, we have presented some of the most effective techniques for turning learning sessions into a way of relaxation. 

Be sure to try these techniques to boost your performance without feeling too stressed.

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