How to Start Running: 7 Brilliant Ideas For Beginners

how to start running

We all have dreams. But in order to make dreams come into reality, it takes an awful lot of determination, dedication, self-discipline, and effort. – Jesse Owens

How to Start Running: 7 Brilliant Ideas For Beginners

You hear people talking about how great their run was and how good they feel afterwards. And so you have decided you want to try going for a run, but you don’t run often or have never tried it before. Or maybe you are not sure if you doing it right!

Not to worry, I have some easy and helpful tips to get you started. Remember this: running should be enjoyable!  Running should get your heart rate going, make you sweat a little (or a lot) and boost your energy, vitality, and self-confidence.

1. Good Timing

After eating make sure you wait at least two hours before going for a run to allow your stomach to settle and digest.

“When we have a large amount of food in our stomach, running is difficult or uncomfortable because our body is simply not designed to do both digestion and exercise at the same time. Stomach cramps, stomach aches, or gastro-intestinal distress are the most common complaints when trying to run on a full stomach. The mechanical mixing and jostling that naturally occurs while running can upset the digestive tract too.” – the source.

2. Pick an Inspiring Place for Your Run

Choose somewhere inspiring or calming to run, such as; a park, a lake, or nearby farm or forest areas. By doing so you can enjoyably observe your surroundings and appreciate the sky, trees, animals, water, and flowers, which will aid in enjoying your run and not getting bored.

3. Never Run Down Busy Roads!

Try and avoid running along busy roads. Those could be uncomfortable! Think: car fumes, noisy traffic, unsafe small pavements, and way too many people… Here’s a quick primer on the pros and cons of different running surfaces.

4. Uplifting Playlist!

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Next, choose some motivational music before you start. Either a pre-made running list or a longer music mix as you want to enjoy your run without a constant fiddling about trying to change and choose music. I love finding long mixes to listen to either downloaded or there is a range of apps to use and if it’s a pre-mixed track about a half hour to an hour long, then it is easier to run.

5. Stretch Before Running

Before you start, warm-up with a few stretches to prepare your muscles for exercise. Some good examples are stretching you thighs, calves, arms, sides, circling your hips, jumping jacks and a few squats.

6. Carry As Little As Possible

Plan to carry as little as possible if you want to be comfortable. The essentials are workout pants or shorts with a zip pocket for your house keys, headphones for your music and a small easy to hold the bottle for water to keep hydrated.

7. Focus on Calm Breathing and Steady Steps

Once you are running remember to focus on calm breathing and steady steps. This concentration on the breath is like meditation. It calms and focuses your mind so you are not thinking about getting too tired and can run for longer.

I hope that these tips can help you start with running as a hobby. For fitness and for pleasure, always remember:

Even if it is only a ten-minute jog……something is better than nothing!

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