How to Stay Focused on What Makes You Feel Good

How to Stay Focused on What Makes You Feel Good

The purpose of our life is to be happy  – Dalai Lama

Dont you think its worth it to be happy? To focus on feeling good no matter what? To connect with that well of joy, that is within each of us? To surrender the outcome and to be happy genuinely?

My dear friend, Elana K Arnold (if you havent read her profound, moving and RAD work, then check her out!), told me that she feels like its our duty to live the best life possible because of the miracle of our very existence… for all the others who could have been or never were…we must be determined to give it our best.

And I agree.

Life is meant to be lived. To be a grand adventure. Each challenge or disappointment or failure is an opportunity. We have the power to decide how we respond to our life experience. We choose our happiness. Or not.

Think it of this way: 

Youre tensely driving home in rush hour traffic, heading back from a stagnating day at the office, plugging away at a job you hate and focusing on all the reasons you hate it, feeling stuck and unclear about how or where to change direction in your life…when youre suddenly (albeit gently) rammed into from the car behind you…


Youre cruising in your ride, windows down, music blasting, dancing in your seat, singing along to your favorite song, appreciating the wind flowing in your hair (however slowly since youre moving at a snails pace through traffic), excited because you got some good lovinthe night before, and although youve spent the day hustling at a job youre not super stoked about (and would desperately love to transition out of!), youre reminiscing about how wonderful last night was, youre feeling hopeful and excited for a fun weekend and feeling grateful for the amazing people with whom you share this beautiful gift of life…when youre suddenly (albeit gently) rammed into by the car behind you…

If you are the driver who accidentally bumps the car in front of you, which person do you hope exits the car to chat with you about this little crash?

And WHY may I ask, have you chosen this imaginary person to deal with in this situation?

Let me guess… not the pissy pessimist? Didnt think so. I think most of us would choose the joyful journeyer.

We all would much rather face difficulty with that person who is enjoying their life, delightedly focusing on the good at the moment and ready to choose happiness.

Now for the bigger question: which driver will you choose to be on this journey of life? Are you willing to commit to choosing thoughts that feel good to youno matter what the situation is outside of you? Are you ready to focus on choosing and creating your happinessfrom the inside out?

First, you must get clear about what happiness is to YOU. And you must be willing to let go of the shoulds or worries about what other people may think. This is your life + your choice.

Your happy life will look vastly different than mine, and thats perfect. Contemplating and defining happiness on your terms and then truly living in alignment with your vision will change everything.

To me, happiness is playing + freedom + love. Its the ability to be me, fully + completely.

I Am a Dreamer…

Ive often been called a hippie {and Im cool with this!}. I revel in the idyllic possibility of peace + love being the central desires and focus of all people on our Earth. 

I want people to cooperate. I want people to be kind and loving. I want people to be happy.

So, I ask myself, how can I help create this vision for peace on Earth?

I start here. With ME. 

I embody that vision I have for the world by creating peace inside of me.

And so, for years, Ive been practicing.

Honing my skills, implementing new techniques, learning fresh ways ever to improve how I move through my life, choosing my thoughts, words, and deeds…

And I know that the more I practice Being happy, the more positivity I cultivate in the people around me…, the more generosity I experience, the more gratitude I convey, the more joy I inspire.

We Create the Weather in our Homes

My family benefits from my happiness. Happy wife = happy life. And happy mamas make happy babies. We definitely create the weather in our homes. The more we love and nurture ourselves and our own happiness, the more fully we can show up for others in our lives.

As we fill our cups with love and care, we can be the change we wish to see in the world. And we can joyfully contribute to positive transformation outside of ourselvesin our families, in our communities, in our businesses, in our governments, in our environment.

When we stay true to ourselves and what matters most in our hearts, we create space for miracles.

make yourself happy jpg

There is no need to struggle or strive or grasp. Heres the truth: Happiness IS the journeyHappiness is not in the pursuing, but rather in the surrendering to knowing that all is well…no matter what.

Hard to believe? Try it some time. The more you practice, the easier it feels. Let go. Release the need to cling and let go of the struggle.

Ahhh, that feels nice, doesnt it?

When we choose to accept what is, when we focus our attention on how we respond to our experience, then we empower ourselves to BE HAPPY. 


We do have the power to feel good under any conditions (thanks, Abraham-Hicks for this gem!).

Ive had these words posted on my desk for over a year now…and some days it feels so natural to embrace. Other times, I feel more challenged.

And yet, I persevere. I continue moving forward, remaining open to inspiration, appreciating the wisdom of others on this blissful path, and sharing what Ive learned.

I offer these words with so much love and pure intentions for cultivating POSITIVE vibrations throughout our world. We are each unique and beautiful and perfect just as we are. So please, march to the beat of your own heart and listen to what FEELS good to you…at this moment. And this one. And this one.

The time is now for you to feel good.

The time is now for you to be happy.

The time is now for you to shine brighter than you ever dreamed you could.

Now is always your time.

Heres to you, shining.

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