How to Wake Up in a Good Mood: One Simple Reminder

How to Wake Up in a Good Mood

The best way to make your dreams come true is to wake up. – Paul Valery

What is the first thing you think about when you open your eyes in the morning? Do you normally feel anxious about the scenarios and the routes your day might take? Do your thoughts run a marathon down your to-do list? Do you check your emails, your Facebook updates and so forth… and ultimately get distracted? And then one thought leads to another dragging along the strain of emotions…

Then what? The next thing you know, you don’t feel that excited about the new day, do you?

For some time, I was trying to break the pattern and charge my morning routine with positivity by being present in the moment and mindful.

The harder I tried to tip the pendulum of my mood into the “positive corner”, the more distracted I’ve gotten as there is no way to stop the flow of thoughts that rush in… and cherry pick the “positive” ones sometimes can be challenging.

I needed to change something, so I did.

Happiness is an inside job. – William Arthur Ward

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How to Wake Up in a Good Mood

Focused, Present, Blessed


Whatever the thoughts are that arise in your mind attempting to take you down, it is up to you to choose what to focus on.

Before your busy train of thoughts takes you places, just stay still in the moment and focus. Think about this: you woke up! What a privilege denied to many!. You woke up and you get to do amazing things today! What gives you energy making you feel happy to be alive?

Think about the privilege to be alive, to breathe, to dream and… to wake up in the morning taking one step at a time making your dreams come true! Everything is possible as long as we breathe. Isn’t it wonderful?

When life gets blurry we tend to adjust our focus, don’t we? Focus on the fact how great it is to wake up and leave a few doors open for happiness to come in and fill up your day to the fullest!


There is only one place we live. It is the moment of NOW. The shortest period of time our future fully depends on. We don’t live in the past that will stay unchanged forever. We don’t live in the future that no one can predict. We live NOW. And it is vital to stay present in the moment.

Whatever caused you hurt in the past, take a moment to give it another liberating meaning. What has it taught you? What priceless lesson did you take with you out of your past experience?

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I believe that the morning is the most powerful part of the day. What we put into it – we get out of it. Think yeast and dough. If we charge our morning with positive thoughts of gratitude – the feel-good mode arises making us energetic and happy. The more we focus on positivity, the better we feel.

Each person’s map of the world is as unique as their thumbprint. There are no two people alike. No two people who understand the same sentence the same way… So in dealing with people you try not to fit them to your concept of what they should be… – Milton Erickson 

We all come from different paths of life with our unique experience. The things that happened in the past, the people we’ve met there, the situations we found ourselves in – we all try to figure it out and put labels of meaning to them. The way we choose to feel about our struggles and challenges is where we truly find our power.

The simple key that brings new meaning to the things that caused us pain is the same key that gives us the energy to move far and beyond our set of judgments we have about our life. The blessing is the key.

Bless your life experiences. Bless all the situations that brought you here to the present. Bless all the people you meet every day.

Why is it important to bless the things that happened in the past, that are happening now and that will happen tomorrow?

It is simple to understand why the blessing mode works so amazingly. It is virtually impossible to judge anything while we give our blessing to it at the same moment. Our beautiful minds simply will not allow us to do both things at once.

And to be completely honest with you, we are less likely to put ourselves into the blame game if we focus on finding and absorbing the good out of any situation! It is far more useful to find the good than to lose ourselves in the quest for finding the cause of our troubles putting our mind into the cycle of negative emotions.

Think about how to really take care of yourself and your thoughts and bounce back from anything that caused you pain instead of dwelling on the state of self-pity.

Give your past experiences a new, empowering meaning. Bless them. And face the day in a feel good mode.

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