Life-Changing Advice On Creating a Better Life

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When we are no longer able to change a situation – we are challenged
to change ourselves. – Viktor E. Frankl

Being unmotivated, bored and living a life of dull routine has become the norm for most people. Many have settled for the mundane. This was the truth in our family until we decided NO more!

Why the change?

After deciding to spend more time at home, my wife (Migaila) realized that something was amiss. Her usual routine became boring, and the passion she once felt for life was no longer there. It became apparent that we needed to change something. 

Clearly, she had to design or create a better life. We needed to create a life full of excitement and passion!
A lot of people have the same urge to create a better life. However, some of them tend to give up… Why? Because creating a better life takes time and effort. How did we do it?

Life-Changing Advice On Creating a Better Life

What helped us make the change? The 3 step plan

Step 1 – Find Your Passion!

live with passion

Finding your passion is a vital step to creating a better life. Usually, people would say that they know what they are passionate about.

Simply ask yourself this: what is my passion in life? What excites you? When we ask these questions we go straight to the root of our being, our emotions. So what makes you jump for joy?

Some answers might be:

  1. My family
  2. Helping other people
  3. Creating art
  4. Writing

For my wife it was children. Helping children to grow and learn from infancy to intermediate phase if to be more specific.

It is important to make changes based on what makes your blood fizz with excitement! If we don’t, we will soon be right back in the mundane and boring.

Step 2 – Change Your Mindset

Changing mindset is another crucial aspect of the life-changing process. When our minds are dull and bored, we tend to become cynical. We tend to notice more of what is “wrong” in our lives. How did Migaila change her mindset? Simple.

We tried the following things:

  1. Journaling – take some time each day to write in your journal. You can write anything. About how you feel or what you accomplished during the day. How you see your day unfold or what you plan to do the next day.
  2. Meditate – Meditate each day. You don’t have to sit under a tree folding your legs in a pretzel to meditate. You can do this by focusing on the moment you’re in and bringing your attention to your breath. Do this for about two minutes. When thoughts drift into your mind acknowledges it and let it go.
  3. Be grateful – Look and search for things to be thankful for. Be thankful that you are alive and healthy. Be grateful because you have a roof over your head. Find things to be grateful for.

Step 3 – Create Goals and Focus

Create goals and align them with the things you feel passionate about. Migaila made the following goals:

Be in charge of your health – my wife changed her food intake to get healthier so that she can give more of herself to her studies. Another goal is to lose 30 kgs by the end of the year.

Finishing the first year of her studies – this will be accomplished by the end of this year when she graduates.

Live more deliberately – be conscious in each moment. Make decisions based on her value system and being more aware.

She reviews these goals once every week and looks at how she will focus on them for the next week.

In conclusion.

The three-step plan for creating a better life:

Step 1 – Find Your Passion

Step 2 – Change your mindset

Step 3 – Create goals and focus

This recipe for changing your life and creating a better one are still in progress for Migaila. However, at this stage, I can tell you that it is working for her and she is more motivated, excited and living a life with purpose!

It is my sincere hope that by changing your mindset, you will also  Create A Better Life for yourself! Good luck!

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