Law of Attraction & Keys to Unlock Your Dreams

Law of Attraction & Keys to Unlock Your Dreams

I believe in hard work, concrete actionable steps, time and effort invested into achieving goals and dreams. I was never too much into affirmations and “manifesting”: if I want something, I will do something to get it! Simple!

But I do have a vision board + “I CAN DO IT” mindset and today I am living in the way that I can see many of the things that were on my vision board becoming a reality or that they are about to become a reality soon.

If I look at things now from this perspective I could say that I am a very good “manifest-er“.

I am living my dream life today: I’m working as a life coach (my dream job), I have location freedom and flexible working time, and I’m working for myself, under the palm trees, while sipping coconut water (which was a fantasy of mine too).

Many of my friends and clients are complaining to me so often that they are chanting the affirmations hundred times daily, listening positive podcasts, watching inspirational talks, looking at their vision board, imagining, visualizing… so hard, but nothing is “happening”. Then they ask me “How do you do it ??!”

Besides me being an action-taking-girl I could claim that many of the things that manifested and are manifesting at the moment in my life were thanks to following to these three principles:

Law of Attraction & Keys to Unlock Your Dreams

1. Dr. Wayne Dyer once said: “You attract what you are, not what you want“!

This was one of the key principles for me to “get” the difference between “wishful thinking” and actual results happening.

As much as we have to “believe it before we see it” we also have to become it or live it first (whatever we want to experience in our lives).

No matter how many times we tell ourselves “I am rich“, “I am a writer“, “I am running my own business“, “I am earning money by doing the work that I love” or whatever else, deep inside our conscious and subconscious mind we know that that is not our reality (a.k.a. that we are “fooling” ourselves).

While affirming “I am rich” there will be that mean voice inside our head:

“What are you saying – you are struggling, broke!”

“I am earning by doing the work I love”

(What are you saying, you are doing the job that you hate/you never sold a single painting/article/craft/pastry…)

To truly believe that something is possible for us to happen and that we can really achieve something, live the life we have been dreaming of, WE HAVE TO BECOME IT AND EXPERIENCE IT FIRST!

I was writing for free for two years and once I started getting paid for it by a magazine it made me believe that I CAN earn by writing (which was very unlikely in the country I’m coming from). Once that shift occurred in my mind, once I REALISED, SAW, experienced it that, yes, I CAN get paid for my articles things started happening: within a few months I started getting offers from other magazines as well to write for them. They would contact me and ask me to write for them and what was my fee! I was blown away by this.

That is the BIG reason I advise all of my clients who want to make the transition in their career and do the work that they are passionate about is to just start doing it for free right now. To start writing a blog or articles if they want to become a writer, to start baking pastries if they want to open their bakery, to start crafting, painting… whatever is that they want, because that will make them FEEL like a writer, artist, baker, painter.

It will give them EXPERIENCE, confidence, joy, the pleasure of doing the work that they love. They will feel charged and excited and it will help them to truly believe that they can do it.

2.  “Give and it will be given to you”

Rather than “Ask and it will be given to you” Deepak Chopra in his book “7 Spiritual Laws Of Success” teaches “Give and it will be given to you”.

Chopra explained how the fastest and the easiest way for us to get what we need and want is to give the same or similar thing to other people. That’s when we allow the energy to flow, financial abundance and success into our lives. To get something, we need to give it out first.

This one was a big AHA-moment for me, as it got me inspired to be of service, rather than to be focused on what am I getting from the work I am doing.

Over the years I have abundantly experienced that the more I was supporting other bloggers, coaches and clients in numerous ways, the more I was getting the support, readers, mentors and clients I needed to succeed.

You must give everything to make your life as beautiful as the dreams that dance in your imagination.

3. “When The Time Is On You Start And Pressure Will Be Off”

This powerful teaching from Yogi Bhajan was a big kick to me to start pursuing what I want with what I have at the moment and from the place from where I am at the moment, rather than waiting for someday.

Since I’m living abroad and I’m writing for almost five years I felt the need and the desire to write in English for a long time but I was waiting for the “right moment” when I would feel ready.

It took a lot of courage for me to start writing in English, even after more than four years of experience in writing and hundreds of published articles in my native language and earning my full-time income as a freelance writer for more than two years. I had all these self-doubts and thoughts: English is not my native language, I will be making a lot of spelling mistakes since my grammar is not “perfect”, but I just decided to do it, knowing that more I will be writing in English more I will get better at it.

And that brave decision lead me not only to start writing my blog in English, but having my articles published in English as well (so far, I was featured writer on Tiny Buddha, Having Time, Personal Growth, The Huffington Post… and many other international publications).

If I kept on waiting, I would probably still be waiting and thinking that I should wait a little bit more.

A year from now you may wish you had started today.
A year from now you may wish you had started today.

I encourage my clients all the time to just start with what they have and where they are. To just do it, whatever they would like to become or achieve.

CLIENT: “I would like to become a writer someday

ME: “Start writing today! Blog, articles, journal, notes, e-book, ______… “

CLIENT: “I would like to become a motivational speaker”

ME: “Just start speaking! Speak anywhere where people will give you a microphone”

CLIENT: “I would like to open a bakery someday

ME: “Just start baking: pack your pastries in a nice box and distribute them to your friends as a gift, carry them to your office, donate them to charity events…”

If we do not start, if do not make the first step, it can never lead us towards the second step.

I believe in starting small and dreaming big. Once we start, the pressure is off, and we can get into action and momentum which will push us forward, towards our goals and dreams.

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