Mind Secrets: 8 Tricks It Plays On Us

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We interact with each other on a daily basis. We communicate, and our world expands while changing, adding and updating information. The more we learn every day, the better we get in understanding ourselves, our lives and people around us. The better we get in understanding our mind and the way it works.

And then sometimes, when I read and expand the horizons of my knowledge, the thought of how little I still know grows. It is like trying to find a firm grip on ice.

Why do we do what we do? Why do we feel what we feel? Thoughts and feelings aren’t facts. They are never set in stone. And all the answers are scripted and rest in our mind full of secrets, games, and tricks it plays on us.

Mind Secrets: 8 Tricks It Plays On Us

1. I Would Be Happier If I Didn’t Have A Job

Our mind often uses this argument, claiming that we would be happier if we didn’t work at all. Furthermore, we plunge into colorful images that flash before our eyes. We see a life full of entertainment. And then we are deceived into thinking that life without any professional activity (i.e. work) would boost our happiness.

However, idleness and lack of productivity and any sense of achievement are often the main causes of boredom and depression.

We were born creative and productive. We have to tackle punches once in a while to improve our everyday life and become happier. Put your soul into something meaningful, and you will see the rise of your happiness!

2. It’s Not Me. It’s Them…

Our mind often tries to trick us into believing and holding other people responsible for our misfortunes. The bag of accusations is full, and we are ready to throw them right, left and center.

The moment when we take full responsibility for our actions, decisions, and outcomes – is the moment of liberation we all need. The freedom of making decisions by ourselves and holding sole responsibility for it is a strong base we should build our life upon.

3. To Be Happy, I Have To Discover The ULTIMATE Secret

The sooner you get the notion that there is no EXACT recipe for happiness that would fit us all, the faster you will get closer to your very own bliss and find it literally in everything you see and experience along the way.

We create the picture of our future on a canvas of NOW. We formulate our strategy by identifying our core values. And then we get determined to turn our plans and dreams into reality. There are no shortcuts. I am sure of that. Just move one step at a time and never settle until you find what you were looking for.

4. If Only I Had This, That And A Pink Cat…

Our mind constantly comes up with obsessive ideas about things. It makes us believe that we would be happier if ONLY we had a new car, a house, a perfect job or yet another latest phone or gadget.

There is nothing wrong in wanting better things or circumstances for yourself. But that doesn’t mean that getting anything from that list would make you happier automatically. For sure it can raise your mood, and you might feel excitement for some time until it wears off and goes away.

True happiness comes and rises from within.

5. I Love The Way Things Are NOW. I Don’t Ever Want To CHANGE Anything

I knew people in my life that were so changed to the idea of “stability” that a mere thought of changing anything would give them high blood pressure and anxiety. Believe me, if they had enough money to freeze things they had back then the way they preferred them, they would have paid the price regardless of its price tag.

A mindset like that pushes us off the cliff to disappointment. Especially when we find out that life itself is a continuous CHANGE. And resistance against it is pointless. The faster you learn to adapt to the change, the further you will go in life that is the ever changing journey.

6. Today… Or Never! Give UP!

“If I don’t succeed today, I will never be successful.” When we work on something, no matter how long it takes to turn your plans, dreams, and projects into reality, our mind often commands to give up. Even though it could be only a couple of steps left to hit the gold mine.

We never know what tomorrow will bring. But it’s a sure thing that tomorrow will bring new thoughts, ideas, and possibilities to drive you further towards your success. Never give up!

7. I Should Delay Making A Decision Until I Know For SURE What To Do

Obsessive analysis of risks and probabilities might take forever. The more you consider the further you go into the endless maze of over-thinking. No decision = no action. No action = no progress.

Hardly ever we have a full picture and understanding of everything. What matters the most is to stop second guessing each step you are attempting to take and TAKE that step. One at a time. Small misfortunes teach us, and we shall stop perceiving them as the end of the world. We are all here to learn. How can we learn if it takes ages to take action?

Stop over-thinking. Take a determined action.

8. I Know I’m Not Suppose To Do That, But….

Our mind tries its best to justify the outbursts of our bad habits or any actions taken that blew up right in our faces even though we saw it coming.

Mainly it acts out when questions of better health pop up in our minds like mushrooms in the forest after a good shower.

“I know, I’m not supposed to eat this junk food, but I can’t help it.” Discipline is what is good for our minds. Never let it drag you into the world of excuses and let you cut yourself some slack where you know you don’t need it.

In Conclusion

Our mind is full of secrets. It is never an ending saga of “Tom & Jerry” that likes playing tricks and games. The more you know, the further you get in understanding yourself, your life, you set of circumstances and the way you react to them. Be mindful. Make changes. And stay curious in unraveling more mysteries of your mind.

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