Reduce Stress Quickly by Applying Pressure to These Points

Sometimes you need a bit more than just a cup of tea to relax and decompress. A good massage can be the most helpful and loving thing you can do for yourself. We have certain pressure points in our body applying pressure to which can help ward yourself off daily stress instantly. 

Applying Pressure

Pressure Points That Instantly Relieve Your Stress

Let’s start with your head and temple. You will need the assistance of another person here. Ask the person giving you a massage to place both hands on your temporal areas in such a way that the tip of their middle fingers rests at the edge of your eyebrows near your sideburns.

Massaging this point will ease the pressure that builds up inside your brain reducing the stress levels. A gentle massage on your head and temple with the palms of their hands will relax your head skin, easing the blood flow and assist you in unwinding.

The backside of your head is full of pressure points; massaging those points can effectively reduce the stress levels. You can do this by yourself as well. Leaning back in your chair, you can massage the back of your head at the point where it meets your neck. Moreover, facial massage can also help to relieve stress if done right, also it’s a blessing for your skin.

Massage points on Ears

Massaging your ear is an amazing way to kick off the stress. Press the “shen-men” gently for a couple of minutes while you breathe deeply. Do this on both ears. In Chinese traditions, it is believed that massaging “shen-men” not only helps in dealing with stress, it also has a lot of other health benefits.    

Massage points on Shoulders

You can use the palms of your hands to massage your shoulders. This will reduce the strain on your shoulder muscles, back of the neck and spinal cord. The shoulders hold a majority of the body’s anxiety and stress. Massage these points gently for 2-3 minutes to get stress-free.

Massage points on Chest

High-stress levels disturb our breathing patterns. Located around six inches below the point where your neck meets your chest is a pressure point that deals with the stress that gathers up in your chest. Use the tip of your fingers to slightly press this point. If your stress is chronic, you can massage the pressure point between your eyebrows. The combined massage of both these areas helps in relaxing your nervous system.  

Massage points on Forearms and Hands

Your forearms and hands have a lot of massage points that can be pressed in order to relax. Pressing the center of your palm for 2-3 minutes sends an order to your brain to release certain chemicals that uplift your mood. Another point on your hand is the spot where your thumb meets your index finger. Pressing this fleshy area for around 3-4 minutes is very helpful.

Massaging the inner side of your forearm just above 3 inches of your wrist also helps in reducing the stress levels. Massaging your elbow for a couple of minutes also facilitates stress reduction.

Massage points on Legs

Our legs have also been blessed with a couple of massage points that are very effective in lowering the stress levels. Massaging the center of the back side of your knee reduces the tension that has been built in your legs after a stressful day. It regulates the blood flow and eases out your muscles. The calves also have points that can decrease your stress levels.

You can find this point six inches below your knee on the inner side of your calve. Apply pressure on this point with your thumb for 3-4 minutes. If the upper part of your body is stressed and strained, massaging this spot is a perfect solution to deal with it.

Massage points on Feet   

There are tens of pressure points located in your feet that can be massaged to deal with stress, body aches and improve the working of your vital organs such as heart, liver, and kidneys. However, the following three are mainly associated with stress.

  • The point located on the outer side of your feet almost 3-4 inches below your thumb and adjacent finger.
  • The point on the center of the outer side of your feet when you place it in such a way that your fingers are parallel to the floor while you are sitting down on the floor.
  • The center of the base of your feet is the third pressure point located at your feet.

Massaging all these points with your thumb for 2-3 months will make you fresh and release you from stress.

In conclusion

Massage is the most natural, simple and no-sweat way to feel good neurotransmitters in our bodies! You come out feeling relaxed, happy, and loving, who doesn’t want that? And the effects can last for days, I’ve had a great Thai massage carry me on a relaxation cloud for a week! 

The post effects of massage make you an honorary member the “Attitude of Gratitude” phenomenon taking over the world. You feel grateful that this simple treatment is available. You feel grateful you are able to get one. And you feel grateful to the wonderful healer who has devoted all his or her time to take away all your tension and stress. 

With all these great benefits, consistent massages can increase our bodies vibrations into higher levels of function. And when our bodies are functioning higher, our minds and spirits follow suit! All it takes is to book an appointment, lay on a table and breathe while someone else is doing all the work!? 

photo source: pexels + giphy