Student Life: 5 Tips to Manage Your Time More Effectively

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“Time flies like an arrow; fruit flies like a banana.” ― Anthony G. Oettinger

Read and learn how to avoid panic when you don’t have enough time for studying and what you can do to manage time more effectively.

Can you imagine a situation when you can control every second of your life and you can devote it to really valuable things or actions? How would you use this situation or would you forget about it in a second? What affects your time management and do you ever waste your time? We’ve prepared five tips for you to manage your time more effectively and get the most from every second of it.

Student Life: 5 Tips to Manage Your Time More Effectively

Don’t panic

If you’re a student, it means you have a lot of things to do and cope with in a short period of time. If you don’t know how to manage your time, you’ll probably start to panic once you see more than tasks to do today. The fear and worry you have inside you can help you get organized and mobilized, but you will soon get tired of this state and you will fall asleep in a few seconds. The reason for this is the burst of adrenalin and cortisol in your blood once you start to panic.

What’s the way out? Here are the steps that you should take to avoid any panic attacks in the future:

  • Breathe as if you’re smoking. It’s not necessary to take a real cigarette, take a pencil and imagine you’re breathing in and out the smoke. This technique will make you calm down in a few minutes.
  • Every college or university course is designed in the way that an average student will be able to cope with the tasks. So if you don’t procrastinate, you will do all the tasks you have.
  • Make a plan of actions and set the time limit for every action. When you look at the plan, you will be calm and confident.

Sleep well

Sleep at night even if you have to write the whole essay for tomorrow. Use online resources to help you save time for sleeping. You can find a lot of ideas for your essay at, stop attending the libraries, start using google and the sites where you can view the examples of the essays. Use every second of your life with a maximum profit. If you do your work more efficiently, you will have much time for having rest.

When you’re sleeping, your brain doesn’t sleep, it processes the information you have perceived during the day. If you sleep a few hours a day, the first thing that you will have troubles with is your memory. You will just forget about everything, some episodes will just get lost in your memory. The less you sleep the less you can judge the things that happen around you normally. If you sleep a few hours for a few months, you’re likely to gain a depression. So sleep well and use your time efficiently.

You have to do it now

You have to make a list of things that you feel you have to do today. You’re likely to have a huge list of activities that are hard to do in short time. Try to unite the actions one with another. For example, you want to take a shower and to learn 10 new words in Spanish. You can do it together. Or you can think of having a walk and listening to the audio recording of a book that you have to read today. As you see, it’s best to unite a mental activity with some physical actions.

However, there are some things that you have to do right now no matter what. Even if you feel sick and tired or you are really exhausted, you should develop a sense of responsibility inside you. Once you refuse to do one thing because you feel sick, you will probably do it many times in the future. It’s you who will rule your will and don’t make it vice versa. Make yourself cry and suffer for a few minutes, but send that message or answer the question. You will be pleasantly surprised with your state after finishing the task.

Procrastinate it tomorrow

Let yourself a little or even tiny moment of laziness. You can do it once a day or once a week depending on your mood and the speed of work. If you are ok with all the tasks that you do for the next day, choose Saturday for being lazy. If there are some issues about learning something new, you can devote a few minutes a day to having rest from everything and everyone.

The phrase “procrastinate it tomorrow” means that you will do your best to finish all your tasks today and tomorrow you will be free of everything. All new tasks that you will get tomorrow will be automatically moved to the next day. It only seems difficult at first glance. Try to do it once and you will see the result. You will manage to cope with a lot of things, have enough free time and let yourself procrastinate.

Do this exercise once a day

There are a few mental and physical exercises that you should do every day to improve your time management. Start your new day with doing basic yoga exercises. You can find them on YouTube or on other sites. Spend from five to thirty minutes on it and you will feel much more energy inside you. It will help you do your tasks more efficiently. If you read or write something and you feel you’re falling asleep, turn your head in different sides to increase the level of oxygen in your brain.

Can you remember the words motivate you? These can be the words that your parents used to tell you when you were a kid or something else. You should find the words that can make you smile. You have to thank yourself for every activity you finish. You should feel happy every morning you wake up and think how good you are you manage to wake up so early. Think of every tiny achievement of your life and your life will become more colorful and you will manage your time with ease and joy.

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