Study Better: 5 Tips to Never Lose Your Motivation

Study Better: 5 Tips to Never Lose Your Motivation  photo source


When it comes to education, most of the students feel overwhelmed with the possibility to learn something new and great as well as to gain some impressive new skills. But they quickly lose their motivation and the desire to study in short time. Is there a way out? Scroll down to see the tips.

Study Better: 5 Tips to Never Lose Your Motivation

Focus on the essentials

If you want to learn new languages, or how to drive a car, cook all the dishes from the European cuisine while mastering your yoga skills, you’re likely to lose your motivation in a few weeks after you start studying at a college. It’s easy to get overwhelmed, I am talking from the experience. I’ve been in the place where I would get excited about all the great things I wanted to do and then I’d failed fast when I’d realized that I didn’t know how to manage my time and energy better.

I needed to change the situation, fast. That’s when I started outlining the things I’d consider ‘essential’ and then I would have had my radical focus directed on those things.

For instance, once you realize that your education is number one priority, all the rest falls flat and your focus will be directed on the things that matter the most. Prioritize! Because If you keep on doing everything at once, you will soon get tired of it, and your mind and body will protest by making you feel exhausted. For example, when you need to focus on writing a new essay, the rest of the hobbies and things can wait. You will thank yourself later.

Define the consequences

Whenever I didn’t want to sit down and do the homework, something within me would feel funny, and then I’d think of all the coincidences that I would have to face in case I fail to deliver results. So I had to change the perspective and think of all the things I’d gain by doing my homework. It helped tremendously at focusing on a task at hand, trained my patience and definitely made my brain a lot fitter ;-] You have to exercise it not to have problems when you become slightly older. You should always ask yourself why you’re doing this or that activity and find real examples from life.

A friendly Competition

It can be any student from your college. Your goal is to become a better student than your competitor, but keep in mind, it’s just a friendly competition to keep your eyes on targets like:

  • Getting better grades;
  • Writing better essays;
  • Being more active during classes;
  • Spending more time on research;
  • Doing homework more efficiantly, etc.

You can be the best in all the spheres or choose only the one where you can show your best skills. It’s good to have a friendly competition.

Get supported

Who can remind you that you’re the best at something? Create your own supporting network that you can always fall back onto not only during your student years but way after that. Think of all the people in your life that keep your mind and soul nourished; learn from them, stay inspired. 

If you are not willing to learn, no one can help you. If you are determined to learn, no one can stop you.

Choose your treats for achieving goals

Choose your treats for achieving goals. Or pick one big super prize that you will get at the end of the month after completing all the essential things necessary to get done for college. It could be anything. From small treats like going on a short city break or jet-setting to the exotic country at the end of a semester. Think of the things, experiences that you can treat yourself with, so-called ‘something to look forward to’ that could be your guiding light keeping you motivated. 

The conclusion

If you don’t care much about results and overall success during student years it might result in a poor performance in your career, I’ve seen plenty of examples amongst my friends. People, who don’t care about their education rarely are truly successful in life. Use our tips above that will help to never lose your motivation and reach all the goals that you have in your life.

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