What is the Supervillain of the Creative Self?


By Jeff Leisawitz

What is the Supervillain of the Creative Self?

Some theories of psychology believe that we’re made of psychological parts. Lover, brother, leader, activist, humanitarian, whatever. But there’s a dark side. For every saint there’s a sinner. For every virgin there’s a whore.

If this theory is true, then we all have inside of us the seeds of a superhero dreamer. A creative powerhouse that lights fires, sketches majestically, sings from the heart and dances like no one’s watching. In the moments this part steps out and into the spotlight, you know the power. Things happen. Small miracles occur. Your magnetism broadcasts and connects with anyone in the vicinity.

And then there’s the opposing force. I call this little turd boy the ‘Inner Critic.’ Since I prefer not to utter its name, I’m just gonna refer to it as ‘the Ic.’

The Ic follows your superhero self around in the shadows. Every time you put on your cape and begin to walk the path, the Ic has a chance to make itself known. It’ll whisper or scream. Curse or belittle. Nag or stare. Whatever its method, the Ic does everything it can to shut down the dreamer. The Ic is kryptonite to your superhero self.

You can’t really blame the Ic. It’s just doing its job. And it’s there for a reason. It’s powered by the fear that’s trying to keep you safe. The problem is that we tend to give it too much power.

Yeah, sure, consider the Ic’s monolog before investing your life’s savings in a high-end experimental art film. But just consider it. The Ic doesn’t know everything. In fact, it only knows what it knows— fear.

Instead of sucking up to the Ic and buying its blather, why not take another route? When the Ic appears, externalize it. You could associate it with that guy who shows up at family gatherings every so often. You know, that wormy little third cousin who’s always talking shit, being negative and not making much sense.

Think of the Ic as this guy and you’ll start to sort of feel sorry for him. He can’t help it, really. He’s been brainwashed by the media, a poor education and a lousy peer group. Give the guy a break. Nod your head when he talks. Then do your thing.

If you listen to the Ic you’re bound to get stuck in something. Instead, nod back with a grin. Then go kick some ass while the poor sucker talks to itself in the corner.

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How do you deal with your Ic? Any good tips to share with the HavingTime community?

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