Things You Can Do for Yourself Every Day to Make You Feel at Ease

“To be beautiful means to be yourself. You don’t need to be accepted by others. You need to accept yourself.” – Thich Nhat Hanh

If you feel like your life is getting out of hand and you constantly feel anxious, stressed and absentminded, don’t worry, you’re not alone. However, if you want to break the pattern and become one of those centered and Zen people, here are some of the things you can do for yourself every day to make you feel more at ease.

Declutter Your Life

Do you often get frustrated at your surroundings because you can’t find something? Do you feel like your brain is a mess when you’re in your home office and find it very hard to concentrate? If yes, then you might have a clutter problem on your hands. Luckily, clutter can be removed from your life very easily, especially if you stick to a daily cleanup schedule. Once you remove all the things that have been cluttering your space and mind, you’ll feel energized, calm, accomplished and just “in the present”.


📌 Fun Fact: by devoting a little of your time to getting rid of the clutter and keeping things relatively clutter-free, you’ll reap the rewards of pleasing living areas, reduced stress, and a more organized and productive existence.

Try Meditation

Feeling at ease comes from the inside, so try to achieve serenity with meditation. A lot of people dismiss this amazing practice just because they think it requires nerves and skills of a Tibetan monk, but actually, all you need is a quiet place, and some willpower to try again if you fail. Try to start your day with five to ten minutes of meditation. It will help you recharge and be calm, composed and open-minded throughout the day.

Don’t wait for your feelings to change to take action. Take action and, your feelings will change. – Barbara Baron

Two birds with one stone: Cooking

If you feel like you need to do something that will relax you and chase away the stress, why not try cooking? It will not only soothe your nerves and awaken your senses, but it will also provide you with tasty and healthy homemade meals. So, no matter if you’re cooking only for yourself or if you have a family that will also enjoy your meals, cooking is a great way to relieve stress, nurture your creativity and just be in the moment.

when cooking turns into meditation
📌 Fun Fact: cooking provides a wonderful opportunity to be present, mindful and aware, as opposed to being distracted, stressed or overwhelmed. It’s an opportunity to train the mind, to understand what it means to be in the here and now, with a healthy sense of appreciation, patience. It’s also an opportunity to get back in touch with the food that you eat.

Have a “Treat Yourself” Day

Pick one day every month to please yourself to the maximum. You can book a spa experience for yourself and enjoy a few beauty treatments that will make you look and feel like a princess. On the other hand, if you don’t feel like spending too much money, you can do all of that at home. Prepare a warm bath, light up some aromatic candles, play your favorite relaxing music, put a facial mask on and top it all off with a glass of good white wine.

🛀 after the spa day, you’ll feel much more relaxed, balanced and ready to tackle everything life throws your way.

Go for a group training session

If your goal is to reduce stress and get rid of negative energy and thoughts, one of the best ways to do so is to exercise. The physical benefits of being active are well-known to everyone—it improves a variety of conditions, helps fight diseases and improves fitness. However, exercise is also very important in keeping your mind sharp and stress-free.

📌 Fun Fact: physical activity helps reduce fatigue, improves focus and alertness, as well as boosts all cognitive functions. All of these can be very important if you notice that stress and anxiety are draining your energy and interfering with your life.

Get enough sleep

Sleep deprivation is one of the main culprits of mood swings, anxiety, and absentmindedness, so go to bed early and get enough sleep. If you’re a night owl, this advice will not look appealing to you, but give it a try and see how it makes you feel. Going to bed early will also allow you to wake up 15 minutes earlier and start your day without worrying whether you’re going to be late for work or school. Your whole day will be much more stress-free and mindful if you just catch enough Zs

Once you start practicing these things, you’ll immediately notice a variety of both physical and mental benefits and you’ll never want to return to your old ways. Namaste!

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