Tired Of Being Tired: 10 simple steps to recover

tired of being tired

“Emotional exhaustion occurs when you have exceeded your capacity for emotional stress. Many of us feel it, even when we’re not aware that we’ve exhausted our emotional reserves” – the source.

Sometimes a weird feeling takes over. The tiredness of being tired. Or in other words – an emotional burnout. And it includes:

  • lack of focus;
  • an absence of motivation;
  • physical exhaustion; and
  • low tolerance to stress and/or stressful situations.

We all get exhausted once in a while. We all feel emotionally disconnected sometimes. And for that, there is no just ONE solution. So let’s have a closer look at some surefire techniques!

Tired Of Being Tired: 10 simple steps to recover

1. Not an Island

You are not an isolated island somewhere in the Indian Ocean. If you have problems stewing in your mind that are driving you into the state of a constant tiredness or it just feels like ages you had someone to talk to – reach out to a friend, the one you trust. Share.

2. Analyse This, Analyse That

Take a moment. Let’s say 10 minutes. Dedicate this time analyzing what might have caused your emotional burnout. Then, shift your focus to what might be a solution. There is always a solution to any problem even if it might not seem that way now. Concentrating on a solution is important.

how to solve problems

3. Thank you For the Music

Think about soul-soothing tunes that give you this sense of much-needed harmony. It can be a beautiful sound of the pausing rain or birds’ happy tweeting. It can be a beautiful song by Enya, whom I love and admire!

Make a habit of calming your mind and soul with tranquil and soul warming REAL music, full of meaning.

4. Guided by Nature

nature quote

Make a habit of spending at least 20 minutes a day outside. It can be a walk in a park, or a stroll along the river, or a hike in the mountains – depending on where you live right now. Fresh air, serenity, and new scenery will refresh and energize you.

5. Beauty Sleep

sleep quote

Not everyone has the luxury to have a siesta every day. So make sure you are getting enough of a night sleep. It’s crucial for your body and mind. During sleep, your cells are regenerating, and your mind hits the recharge button.

6. Busting the Dust

In one of our previous posts, we talked about the importance of a clutter-free life. Let’s refresh the memory. Good old chores can be severe stress busters.

7. Treat Your Body Right

body quote

If you like running – do it. If you are into yoga – do it. If you were thinking about getting a massage in that great spa in your city – why wait? Treat your yourself. Relax and recharge.

8. Let The Flow Go!

If you’re having trouble sharing your feelings – share them with yourself. Simply grab a piece of paper and write down your let downs. Acknowledge them. “Talk” it through on the paper. A solution will come surely.

I list anxious thoughts & experiences putting it on paper. Whenever my mind starts wandering into those dark waters, I remind myself that writing down anything on paper is an excellent way to declutter your headspace. Same goes for writing down a to-do list. Once written down, your mind will calm itself since you know that you don’t need to remember every tiny detail and worry about forgetting it.

9. Two Thumbs UP

Oprah Winfrey quote

We love to be praised and feeling good about ourselves. Particularly during the situations that bring us nothing but stress. The lack of recognition plays one of the major roles in our emotional burnout. Don’t wait silently until somebody pats you on a shoulder. Do it yourself as often as you breathe!

Make a habit of saying something like: “I did great today,” “That job I’ve done is a masterpiece,” etc. Even if you haven’t climbed the Mount Everest yet, you sure did something amazing today! And I’m giving you two thumbs up for that!

10. Smile Like You Mean It

Emotional burnout could be a derivative of melancholy. And who said we cannot rid of it with smile & laughter?! Recall all the funny and even embarrassing moments that occurred in the past five years! Have a good laugh about it! Now go further and recall something even funnier!

I have a set of funny stories from the past that always ready to lift my spirits up! For instance, there was a time my mom left me with my grandparents for the weekend. At that age, I already knew the importance of being stylish. Lol.
I was mad about styling my hair with gel and wax. The problem was that my mom forgot to give me one and I’ve decided to “borrow” some gel from my granddad. Imagine my mom’s “surprise” when she saw me bold the very next day as I’ve superglued my hair instead of super styling it!!!
And my grandma had no better solution but to shave my hair off!

* I’m sure you have some great stories waiting for recollection and good laughter. Smile as you breathe!

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